Below-Zero Conversations

Last Thursday evening my college pals and I met again at V8 Baresto in Pasig, just off Shaw Blvd. This is my second time at the place since RS introduced me to below-zero SanMig Light, the only served beer that I'll probably love from now on.

It was great seeing the gang again minus BN who's settled into the US now. RS will be flying to NZ by August, something that the gang was quite sad about, hiding it through our occasional sips of beer.

Aside from the numerous orders of pulutan (sisig, calamares, squid...), the real topic that got us all going was the Kho-Halili sex scandal. It was quite a surprise that OH, the pilot, has never watched the infamous videos. Haaay, puro kase lipad eh.

We were able to draw a lot of discussion points from that topic, namely:

1. Hayden is THE man although he's stupid for not being good at concealing his videos

2. Maricar looks to be very (very!) good in bed. She's doing the right thing now of shying away from the media unlike Katrina ("sana po ang pangalang Katrina Halili...." oh come on!!!)

3. If there were a Belo-Kho video that came out, we would watch a glimpse of it (and then throw up)

4. Bong Revilla and the other politicians ay nakikipapel lang. Bong should start taking computer lessons. What software did he use? Gaaaaad!

5. We have renamed Dr. Kho as Master Hayden (for me, Dick Israel used to be DA MAN before Master Hayden came in)

6. That there was a Maricar part2 video. HUWAAAAT?!?!!

7. and many more....

Yup, the ice-cold below-zero beer could not escape the Kho videos euphoria. On occassion I would finish only 1 1/2 bottles of beer but during that stint last week, I was able to gulp 3 bottles and didn't get drunk (syempre Light lang naman yun).

When I arrived home I immediately hopped onto our computer chair and searched Maricar part 2. Found it at www.spankwire.com. Hehehe. It just reiterates points 1 and 2 above.

Hmmm, I wonder if OH finally got a copy? Poor guy.

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