Thai Conversations

We had dinner at our favorite Thai place earlier. The missus was salivating for tomyam so I obliged but on the condition that I won't sip the spicy concoction.

So with the dinner-list already reviewed from the menu, I called the waitress:

"One deep-fried ffffrawn...."

I guess my F's and P's got mixed up with that tongue-twisting appetizer. The missus obviously noticed it, unable to control her laughter in front of the waitress, who at this time was wearing a smirk.

With the rest of the menu given, the waitress left. The missus and I were discussing on our next problem: where to eat on Sunday evening (ahhh yes, we have very huge problems here). She suggested the Ming-Tien open air food court:

"Alam ko na! Portuguese Pish."



breesmom said...

Roelle, kawawa ka sa pamilya. If you do that in front of me and Peeya (and Pau), super-alaska ang aabutin mo. Wag ka mapipikon, ok?

mommy-p said...

Tama ka dun sis, walang pikunan...Besides, ganyan din naman si pau. Nagmarunong magturo ng math... "then you multifly"