The Money? Or the Mob?

1 vs 100 is coming to Philippine television this weekend. Here's a glimpse on what to expect in this interesting game show.


Algorithm March

I guess you've been living under a rock these past few months if you're not aware of the Algorithm March. This was created by a children's television series in Japan called PhytagoraSwitch and has been spreading around like wildfire so much so that there are several Youtube uploads from different countries trying to emanate the funny and creative march. The Philippines has been included in this list with the famous Cebu Prison Inmates setting a record for the most number of participants in a single march.

To quote Wikipedia.org: "The dance can be performed in lines, moving canon style one at a time. After each movement, the line takes a step forward. The movements of the first and last person become connected."

So I'll leave you now to the craze created by Arugorizumu Koushin and Itsumo Kokokara.



I heard one of our officemates play Andy Mckee's Africa on his winamp this morning so I surfed Youtube to find him again. I think it's true that the kind of music one prefers is directly reflective of his/her personality.

The impact of Andy Mckee's fingerstyle guitar-playing has been heartwarming, similar to how Jim Chappel's piano music has affected me when I was attending a retreat in DB Batulao during 2nd (or was it 3rd?) year high school.

So here's Andy Mckee with his song Rylynn. Truly another masterpiece.


A Cube With A View

Today I moved to a new cubicle in the office. It has a nice view of Antipolo to my back, and EDSA towards my right.

Ahhh yes. The perks of being a Senior Manager.