In preparation for my boy's 1st birthday party this June, the missus and I needed to meet up with the caterer to conduct food-tasting. We skipped lunch last Saturday for this event which only started at 3pm ---needless to say na nanginginig na ako sa gutom when we got the whole thing started.

Since dessert was not included in the taste-test, the missus and I needed to pacify our tastebuds with something sweet. We ended up at Magnolia's Parfaits and Splits.

The place isn't as fancy-looking as the Nestle Factory across the street. But it was enough for me to reminisce that one time when I was boy that I went to the Magnolia Ice Cream Factory at The Quad, sipping on a thick serving of Choco Milkshake ---minus the brain-freeze.

The missus ordered a Goin' Banana Parfait while I opted for the Original Banana Split.



30 days after

A month after I declared my rice-reduction plan, I'm happy to say that I've lost 6 lbs. Slowly but surely, I was able to drop to 170lbs naturally, i.e. no use of diet pills or contraptions bought from HSN. My routine consisted of cutting my rice-portions in half, walking the threadmill 30mins 2 times a week, and sometimes playing basketball and badminton (whatever is available) once a week.

But the real reason for it all is the rice-reduction. I still munched on Granny Goose, Ube ice cream, Piknik Ketchup Fries, and the occassional Burger King value meal but cutting the rice was really the main contributor of the weight-loss.

I have to say that it's really difficult. As you know we Pinoys are known for having a hearty serving of rice during meals, and I'm no exception ---until now. Case in point, the Adobo Sulipan of Pancake House can be depressing to eat if there's still half-rice not to be touched coupled with the missus looking into having tasty portions of it with her Classic Pancakes. *sigh*

I'm targetting to reach 166lbs by end of May so that means loosing at least 4 more pounds or a total of 10lbs since I started. Slowly but surely, I hope to get my BMI normalized and, more importantly, show my 6-pack which I haven't seen since 3rd year high school.


Congressman! Congressman!

The missus and I watched the Pacquiao-Solis match live on Robinson's Galleria yesterday morning. The experience was quite different from the Pacquiao-Morales II match that we watched in Malaysia via Pay-per-view coz this time, we were among Pinoy Pacman fans. The feeling was exhilarating when, after Manny got the accidental-cut on Round 6, he started punching Solis away like a dog gone mad. All of us in the theater were shouting,




…almost in unison.

It was a wonderful experience.

As for those who didn’t believe that Manny will win, I give you caution. For if Manny sends his deadly left-punch to your face, you will feel, in the words of Manny Pacquiao,



Top 10 Tapsilog

My personal ranking of Top10 Tapsilog venues in the Philippines:

10. Goodah
9. Heaven N' Eggs
8. Jollibee
7. I Have 2 Eggs (along T. Morato; yup there IS such a place)
6. _____ <--that resto in UP Mall(?)
5. Chowking
4. Rufus
3. Pancake House
2. Sinangag Express

And my number one choice:

1. Tapaking


Maundy Thursday

From wikipedia.org:

"Maundy Thursday" is the traditional name for this day in England. It is therefore the usual name also in English-speaking Protestant Churches that originated in that country and even in some that originated in Scotland, although the Scottish Book of Common Prayer uses the name "Holy Thursday".[3] Other English-speaking Protestant Churches, such as the Lutheran, use both "Maundy Thursday" and "Holy Thursday".[4] Among Roman Catholics, except in England, the usual English name for the day is "Holy Thursday", in line with the name used in major Romance Languages.[5] Presumably these modern names came into being before the Catholic Church changed the pagan names of the days of the week in Latin.

The word Maundy is derived through Middle English, and Old French mandé, from the Latinmandatum, the first word of the phrase "Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos" ( A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you), the statement by Jesus in the Gospel of John (13:34) by which Jesus explained to the Apostles the significance of his action of washing their feet. The phrase is used as the antiphon sung during the "Mandatum" ceremony of the washing of the feet, which may be held during Mass or at another time as a separate event, during which a priest or bishop (representing Christ) ceremonially washes the feet of others, typically 12 persons chosen as a cross-section of the community.