Fabulous Finds: In-Yo Fusion Restaurant

This was indeed a great find! Nothing beats the romantic, quiant venue coupled with great food located in the Katipunan area. We ordered the pumpkin soup for starters. Afterwhich, we were given kalamansi sherbet to prepare our tastebuds with the upcoming entrees. And the main course did not disappoint. The missus ordered the US Hanging Tender Steak while I ordered the Smoked Local Halibut.

We capped off the evening with coffee and Trio of Creme Brulee (Original, Espresso, and Chocolate) for dessert.

Highly recommended.



Remember David Archuleta, the runner-up from the last season of American Idol? Well, his song "Crush" has been getting a lot of radio air-play these days, particularly at RX. It kinda grows on you.



About Another Boy

Well the results are in after the missus and I went to her ob-gyn last Saturday. It's going to be another boy for me and the missus! The putotoy was clearly seen after a long time of scanning by the ob-gyn.

Whether it was a boy or a girl, it didn't matter much to me. But having another boy, wow, it was a pleasant surprise.

He will come out sometime in the 1st half of January 2009. By then I would have to rename my boy's blog from "About A Boy" to "About Two Boys."


iPhone 3G

This is just so damn expensive. With the exclusive tie-up with Globe Telecom, it erases any chance of my current company to get prototype iPhones for internal testing ---and my own testing too.

This would've been a great birthday gift for me but the 30-47thou tag price is just too much for my own good. Sigh, taya na lang muna ako sa lotto.



I'm still recovering from a flu that I got the other Sunday. Short of an endemic, it has hit the missus, my boy, my sis-in-law and her son, my dad, my sisters, my officemates, etc.

The doc at the Medical City says it may have been caused by the changing weather (hot and then cold or vice-versa), causing our bodies to catch-up in adjusting to the temperature.

This particular flu virus(?) may be the strongest one I've had yet, causing me to have chills, never-ending cough and cold, and panghihina. This resulted me to take 3.5 days sick-leave last week.

The only good side to this flu was that I've lost a little weight (yey!) kase nga madalas walang gana kumaen. Hopefully by end of this week I'm fully recovered.



My sis and I were already inside the Patron area at around 7:20pm, just right for the 8pm once-in-a-lifetime gig. The steel partition between VIP and Patron was about 4 meters from where we were standing but in between that 4 meters was a sea of people who've made an earlier arrival than us. Well, at least we get to hear everything in stereo instead of just sitting outside the concert venue.

8:00pm. The video screen on the stage flashed a big yellow "10:00" on blue background and started counting down. THIS would have to be THE longest 10-minutes of my life. As every minute ticked down, the crowd would uncontrollably express their excitement that it was near, shouting and hoo-ing out loud.

And then, it was zero hour. THE moment all 60,000 of us were all waiting for. The Eraserheads reunion had begun. Below was the 1st (and last) set of that Ultraelectromagneticnight:

  1. Alapaap
  2. Ligaya
  3. Sembreak
  4. Hey Jay
  5. Harana
  6. Fruitcake
  7. Toyang
  8. Kamasutra
  9. Kailan
  10. Wag kang matakot
  11. Kaliwete
  12. With a Smile
  13. Shake Your Head
  14. Wag mo nang Itanong
  15. Lightyears Away

To Ely, Marcus, Raymund, and Buddy, we hope to see you again on one big stage such as that of 08.30.2008 and hopefully, share us the rest of your wonderful (wonderful!) music.