Pushing Daisies

I've just finished watching the first 2 episodes of Pushing Daisies and I found it quite interesting. The way the plot is presented reminded me of "Big Fish" which starred Ewan McGregor.

Addictingly nice!


Born to be wild

Imagine driving 130kmh at the SCTEX highway with this tune playing in your car.

Yeah baby!


Oh! Diyos Ko! Ano ba ito?!

I have only watched the original EHeads live once. That was during college when they guested at our fairgrounds at DB Manda during a one night concert. They were only a front-act then to Introvoys and After Image but seeing Ely, Reimund, Buddy, and Marcus play 3 songs from the Ultraelectromagneticpop! album made that a night for me to remember.

Yes I was one of those hooked to the Eraserheads phenomenon. Among their albums, I was able to collect (in cassette format):

1. Circus

2. Cutterpillow

3. Fruitcake

4. Bananatype

5. Sticker Happy

6. Natin '99

They were THE band for me at the time. So, the sudden exit of Ely from the band saddened me like any other EHead fan....

Oh YEAH!!!!! I hope I could land in one of those free tickets!



Primetime TV (on our new Samsung LCD 32") has been limited to the missus. No thanks to ABS-CBN's lineup of teledramas (Lobo, PBB, PDA, etc.), I often resort to downloading torrents of shows I'd like to watch on our laptop. I was able to watch all seasons of the "Entourage" and "How I met your mother" ---not bad I might add. It's off-season since then so at night I often doze off easily.

But last Sunday night I was still full from our Candon, Ilocos Sur dinner of pakbet (with bagnet!) and Candon longganisa. I stayed up until I was able to see the full episode of KIDNAP, an ABS-CBN special recalling the interview-turned-KFR experience of Ces Drilon and company.

The two hour special was great, with the background music making the story-telling more chilling. I felt for Ces and her team the unfortunate ordeal that they went through. But, as Ces pointed out, it was her thirst for getting that "big scoop" that lured them to act against her superiors orders. It was her irresponsibility and probably her selfishness to get the story that lured them into being kidnapped. Remember that TV-reporter who acted similarly in DieHard-1? Well Ces definitely got more than a punch in the face after this one.

But what somehow intrigued me in this TV-special was that how come no details of the final negotiation was accounted for? On one scene, they were going to call Sen. Loren to help in the release and the next thing you know after the commercial break was that Ces and Jimmy were walking out of a private jet and later on holding a mini-presscon. Hmmm, obviously I wasn't following the details when this all transpired in the newspapers and TV. Was there really a ransom paid? I know that Mayor(?) is being questioned for getting the 30M(?) loot but who really gave the money? It couldn't be ABS-CBN, right? Hmmm...

Well Ces got a 3month suspension. But as you've seen her in the Manila-Pen incident, to this kidnapping fiasco, she might still be in the thick of things in the future. I just hope that Ces and her other media counterparts will act more responsively in the future and not put their lives at stake on behalf of their families.

Ah I almost forgot. My sis is recommending me to watch "Pushing Daisies," another hit TV series in the US. I'd better find that CD she gave me containing season 1 and bring it to the office tomorrow. (grin)


No one gets out of here alive

As you may have heard, my father-in-law whom the missus' nephews fondly call "Coco," passed away last week due to complications brought about by a 2nd stroke. It was an experience for me seeing him move from our world to the afterlife in a span of days.

I'm not a superstitious person, but, his final journey of almost two weeks started with me seeing an enormous orange and brown butterfly resting on the front porch's armrest the night before he had his 2nd stroke. With awe, I took a picture of it on our digicam for later posting. At the hospital days after, I told DR of the wonder I saw. Surprised, he mentioned that they also saw a similar butterfly on the death of one or two of his relatives. Searching the 'net, I came across other tales relating of seeing butterflies after a loved one died. Further searching showed some believe that the butterfly is the symbol of the Resurrection, a transformation from death to eternal happiness with God. Well, I do feel that Coco is now "up" there so me seeing that butterfly turned out to be a good sign.

Butterflies aside, his death had reminded me again that we are just travelers here on earth ---just passing through. That all of us, no matter the stature, will eventually be met by the world's greatest equalizer ---Death. And by all our good and bad deeds, we will be judged accordingly.

"Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives." -A. Sachs