My post-birthday vacation was celebrated in cool Baguio City with my family last weekend. It’s been part of my family’s vacation-venue rotations, along with Tagaytay, Laiya, and Subic, alternating venues from time to time (or whenever a long weekend is coming up).

The boys had a great time, particularly becoming “suki” to Wright Park’s horses. Matteo was amazingly calm throughout his two horse rides. There was even a point when the missus was about to fall off the horse (while she was trying to get off) but cute Matteo was indifferent throughout the awkward moment.

Lucas had finally got rid of his fear of horses (he was scared when he first had a personal encounter in his first trip to Baguio, at Minesview) as he enjoyed the ride as well.

For P200.00 per 30 minutes, the smile on both of their faces on the car ride back to the hotel was priceless.

The missus and I have been discussing and may have decided into, this is tentative right now, retiring in Baguio. Probably buy a house, renovate it, and spend the rest of our golden years there. The boys, and their respective families, can visit us from time to time of course. We could still earn money by playing on the stock market. Yup, the missus and I have fallen helplessly in love with Baguio City.

But for now, future Baguio City weekends will be spent at The Manor as per strict instruction from Lucas.

Man, I miss the malunggay tea already!!!