The Best Place For Your Money

I've been addicted to reading stock market articles since late last year. I've been reading articles from The Motley Fool, a website offering investment advice to investors of all levels.

I found one article that I highly recommend. It's for those of you who'd like to know more on where you'd want to invest your savings at whatever stage in life you may be.

The "where" part as mentioned in the article varies but the "when" part is very simple: NOW.

Read the article here.

Mud Pie

I've bought this three times already since Dairy Queen opened in Galleria. Rapsa!


Back in the game

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when I arrived at the Don Bosco Makati football field. The familiar smell of the grass briefly took me back to my younger years when I was still at my prime, playing football for the school. After about 1 1/2 years of absence, I'm back to playing football, my first love.

I saw my old buddies arrive one by one, with the usual hi's and hello's. We set up to play half-field with 7 guys per team. I'm happy to say that I haven't lost my touch for the game. The picture-perfect passes and attacking menace were still there when I stepped on the field which seemed to have welcomed me back.

I didn't score a goal but I contributed well to my team winning the game, 10-8. I picked up my bag as I walked off the pitch, and laid down on one of those large square cemented seating areas around the field. As I laid there, I just had to take a pic of the greenery above me. It was like playing football: picture-perfect.


Brothers Forever

I just have to ask this:



Notes from Homecoming

The alumni homecoming celebration was grand, thanks to this year's sponsor Batch 1983. Old Swiss Inn catering, Conti's desserts, lechon baka, and bottomless beer were all around. Seven years left and it's my batch's turn. Yikes!


MS mentioned that he and his family have submitted an application for Canadian citizenship. *SIGH* Another contribution to the country's braindrain. He said that the turning point of their decision to migrate was that they believe there will be a small possibility for his children to get a job in the Philippines since he may have felt that he's not going to see any improvement in the country.


RC mentioned that JS, our gay-turned-guy-turned-gay batchmate is now in communication with him again, mentioning that JS now has a dog similar to that of Paris Hilton's. Greeeat.


The Dawn was the main act in the program, singing their vintage tunes such as Enveloped Ideas, Salamat, and others. My jaw dropped when they did a rendition of the U2 anthem With or Without You which they performed to a T. I won't be surprised if The Dawn will be dubbed as the U2 of the Philippines in the future.

At the back-end of the venue was the DBUFC booth, with its spanking new logo. I saw my old co- players and they mentioned that the group is now regularly playing in DB-Makati football field again. Perhaps all the rehab needed for the field has been completed. I guess it's time to get my football gear out from the cabinet and start playing again.

This Saturday, to be exact (grin).


It is finished!

Yup, I've just finished the 2nd volume of Heroes. I can't wait for Volume 3! Hopefully the writers' strike in the US will end soon.


Balik Busko

It's January. As a student sometime ago this would be the month we'd prepare for the feast-day of Don Bosco's death anniversary which is every Jan.31. FYI, he actually died in the year 1888.

When I was in DB-Makati we had the school-fair filled with carnival rides, food-booths, and fun-booths. Naah, I wasn't that guy who'd get handcuffed with the pretty girl and sent to the marriage booth. I was one of those who'd be manhandled by over-eager CAT cadets being shoved into the jail booth. Sigh, not a pretty picture.

Well, anyway, the banner for the DB-Makati alumni homecoming just came up on my email:

Hmmm, I'm surprised to see Fr. John Bosco riding a space-car though. I think the car was too much. The "bring home the boys, bring home a car!" slogan is still in the tradition of DB-Makati's endless fascination with raffle tickets and bingo nights.
I wonder how DB-Mandaluyong's banner will look like?


Passion: So Sick (Acoustic)

(Note: I originally wanted to blog about that infamous YouTube video of Mariel Rodriguez's bad-mouthing fit in PBB but what the hey, everybody knows about it anyway. And besides, the song below is more worth it to post)

I was on the threadmill this morning on my second 4km run since yesterday (naks serious!). I tuned to 89.1DMZ for my sounds since it's been playing mostly RnB. Yes, rock would've been better but for some reason I get a better workout from RnB.

So anyway the DJ suddenly played this song from Jeremy, a.k.a. Passion who's a Fil-Am based in San Francisco. It's a cover version of "So Sick" but unplugged.

Damn good! Listen to it by clicking the Play button below. Enjoy!


Fabulous Finds: Old Swiss Inn

The missus and I just had dinner at the Old Swiss Inn Makati which is located at the Somerset Residences next to the Atrium building. The ambience was quite quaint, with the waiters wearing chaleko(?) and hat to try to fit to the Swiss feel.

For starters we ordered the Goulash Soup which was peppery good! Kung pwede nga yun na lang orderin ko plus a cup of plain rice, ok na! Hehe.

For the main course, the missus ordered Zurich Geschnetzeltes (can you say that 3 times?) while I ordered the Darne of Salmon since I had pork for breakfast and lunch earlier.

The Zurich was very good while the salmon was so-so. Maybe IF we come back, we'll try the fondue that the missus encouraged me to try.

Ok-ok lang.

True Faith: Dream Journal

I got this CD as a request to my kris kringle last month. Actually I requested for "the latest True Faith CD" and my monito obliged.

At P299.00, it's a steal since it's a 2-CD album containing True Faith's selection of songs from 1993-2007.

Nice album!


RSS link now working

1 RSS reader. That was all my feedburner stat showed when asked about how many RSS-readers are into my blog. Incidentally, that "1" is me since I linked it to my Yahoo page ---disgraceful I know.

I finally had the RSS link working. You can look for the icon below if you wish to link it to your RSS-reader software.



New Look

I've been tinkering lately with my blog's layout, trying to give it a new look (somewhat).

I searched for Blogger templates in Google but I don't know how to upload 'em here since I think I need a website-editor like Dreamweaver to get a better view of things.

So for now, the layout you see is the best that I can do.

New Weight

This morning, our bathroom scale looked back at me disappointingly as it read me its verdict: 173lbs.

I hate to admit this, but ever since I achieved 166lbs last October(?) I've started getting heavy again. The steady increase started from my birthday (pakain dito, pakain dun). Then came the numerous Christmas parties last month. The basketball off-season didn't help as well since our department's team stopped playing our regular weekly games.

I still had my twice a week threadmill but it seems uncooperative. Surprisingly, it was helping the missus: she was the one losing weight from all MY threadmill workouts! It was like those identical twins that we see on TV wherein one would poke himself with a sharp object and he won't feel a thing but his twin would scream in pain. "Sige mag-threadmill ka pa para pumayat pa ako," she'd kid me regularly.

I know where I need to improve: careful food intake and increase exercise (need to tell the guys that we should start playing ball again). Easy to say but hard to do, right? Sigh, I hope my next update would be good news.

New Boss

I'm sad to see my current boss leaving our company. His last day is Jan.11 and he's about to fly off to work abroad (with his former boss as well ---see a trend here comin'? wink wink). He's been great but like many, he has chosen to travel a new path in his flourishing career. I guess the saying "there's no such thing as company loyalty" is so true. I believe this since the only thing that one should be loyal to is to one's family and oneself.

I don't know who my new boss will be come Feb but he definitely has big shoes to fill. Someone told me a while back that the number one reason why people leave their jobs is because of their boss. Compensation only came 2nd.

New Trip

The missus, my boy and I are planning to take a 3-week trip to the US next month thanks to the US visas my boy and I got last July. We'll be in the west-coast: LA, Sanfo, and Las Vegas to see the sights. I hope to catch a Laker game during our stay there to see Kobe in action. I'll post pics should we push through.

New Year

Oh btw, Happy New Year!


Christmas 2007

So which is better: this?

Fabulous Finds: Lee Ching

Lee Ching is a no-frills Chinese resto located in Greenhills. Their specialty is their amazing pork spareribs rice topping. If added with their chili+toyo+kalamansi sauce, the taste is heavenly hot that it will leave your lips crackling of the spicyness.

Good value for money. Sarap!