Som's Noodle House

The missus and I had the chance last night to try out Som's Noodle House located just outside the Mandaluyong Municipal Hall Circle. The last time we had authentic Thai food was probably when we were living in Malaysia. Thus, we had an idea on what we're expecting when we entered Som's.

Here's what we ordered:

Tom Yam w/ Noodles (not as spicy as the missus hoped)

Bagoong Rice (yummeh!)

Pandan Chicken (nice!)

Shrimp Cakes (kakaiba)

The Tom Yam, as mentioned above, didn't taste as spicy as the Tom Yam the missus normally had in Malaysia. Hence, this led us to think that probably the Thai food at Som's had been "Filipinized" to cater to our taste buds.

The average Pinoy taste normally includes Chinese, Filipino, Italian, and Japanese cuisine when deciding where to dine out. Thai food is normally a once-in-a-long-while option. For Som's, the food was great as it was fairly-priced. However, the missus and I have no plans of coming back there anytime soon. Probably we'd go back after 6 months, just to say that we've eaten Thai food.


Orchard Road

Location: SM Megamall

As requested by RT, I finally went to Orchard Road to try out the food there. The menu looked very promising as it had almost EVERYTHING that you can find on a Singaporean hawker food court. The setup of how you order is very unique as well.

Unfortunately, the setup and the great ambience could not satisfy my taste buds. The food I ordered was absolutely terrible.

Kway Teow. This didn't live to my expectation since it was supposed to be dry, not labored with soy sauce as you can see from the pic above. It tasted ok but still not like the Kway Teow that I ordered when I was in Malaysia/Singapore.

Popiah. The lumpia wrapper that was used felt makunat. It wasn't really great at all.

Milo Dinosaur. This was terrible as it tasted bland, with the Milo powder on top seemed to be wanting as it looked like only 1 tablespoon was put in. Tinipid. Toastbox's version is way way (way!) better.

Teh Ais. Bland as well.

Kaya Toast. Again, Toastbox's version is way way better.

The food was very disappointing moreover that I invited my officemates to come join me to try it since I told them that Singaporean/Malaysian food tasted good. Unfortunately, Orchard Road's version didn't fulfill that promise.

Sorry, but I don't recommend eating here.


At A Crossroad

I'm at a crossroad again ---career-wise. A decision has to be made from a number of possibilities. Whatever it is, I hope it leads me in becoming a better person not only in work but in life as well.

Someone said, "You are a product of your decisions."

I still believe that.


Baby James hit by LSS

Baby James must've been bitten by LSS just like any other kid in the Philippines who has watched Villar's TV commercials. Even my eldest son Lucas has been singing "Nakakita ka na ba..." over and over again after he was able to memorize the lyrics.

You have to admire the composer. He really nailed it for Villar. I would ask my son whom he likes between Villar and Gibo, he'd said the former. Even Noynoy and Villar would result in Villar as his choice purely due to the songs. I hope the rest of the voting public doesn't make the same basis on the elections next month.

Villar is making a dangerous statement with the last line of the song ("Si Manny Villar, ang magtatapos sa ating, kahirapan"). That is nearly impossible. The only person who can lift the poor people from their state is themselves. Think about all the rags to riches stories. Basically it all boils down to the saying, "God helps those who helps themselves."


Worth It

I well-acknowledged this year's Lent. Unlike previous years wherein I just go through the season doing the same thing as if it weren't Lent, this year was slightly different as I managed to steer myself away from the following vices:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Softdrinks

Waking up Easter Sunday felt very rewarding. Kaya ko palang tiisin yun. In my own small, mababaw way, I was able to appreciate my Catholic faith and the demand for making sacrifices once in a while ---even if it's not Lent.

May you all have a Happy Easter!


Baguio 2010 Trip

My family was able relax at Baguio City last Palm Sunday weekend. We didn't really stroll all the must-see sites since we've been here several times. Interestingly, since I've met the missus I've been to Baguio 4 times with her: 2000, 2001, 2007, and this year with my 2 boys

Below is a summary of our trip, in pictures:

Hotel Elizabeth

Strawberries at Burnham Park

Star Rice @ Star Cafe

Choco-Late de Batirol

Our family driver horsing around at Camp John Hay

Filling Station @ Camp John Hay

Can't wait to go up again to Baguio City later this year. ;-)