Beauty and the Geek

The 1st episode of this show just aired on Star-world this evening. I found it interestingly funny so I might be watching this every week.

I could relate with the nerds in this series since my collegemates call our batch Tropang Norks, a cross between a nerd and a dork. I, for one, remember that my route that time was from house to school to house. The only social gatherings I went to were those soirees that the chickboys in our batch would arrange with schools like St. Scho, CHS and St. Paul Manila. Faces? Club Dredd? Mars? Nope, never been there. Yup, my college life was that exciting.

From those soirees I can remember:

1. We would actually send a scout team to assess the group of girls requesting for the soiree (Yes, you read that right. Requesting. Soirees were actually a graduation-requirement for some schools like St. Paul that they seek out all-boys schools such as ours. I can recall we had to pace the requests to avoid overlapping of schedules. Just gives more evidence to the theory that there are more women than men on the earth). Well anyway, the scout-team's job was to assess whether the ganda-to-pangit or mabait-to-mataray ratio is manageable. There was this group from St. Scho who had a spokesperson which we found to be too hard to handle. We would've continued if the 1st ratio was good but.... ;-)

2. Singing "Pare Ko" in front of a group of Paulinians with an acoustic guitar on one hand and a group of norks on the other trying desperately to sing in unison

3. Having a soiree penpal who turned out to be a non-Catholic and crumpled the stampitas that our Theology teacher asked us to give to them.

4. My 'kada BN "forced" by her not so good-looking drunk partner: she kissed him with her Reycard Duet lips. He was teary-eyed immediately after that harrowing experience.

5. My 'kada RS always having the most beautiful partner since he was the organizer.

6. On the soiree with St. Paul, a nun was actually watching us all throughout the event. She even did a 10-minute lecture on purity. Great, that will keep the soiree-ball rolling.

7. My 'kada OH making sure the girls never leave the venue without them giving him their home contact number and address which he keeps in a teeny-tiny piece of blue paper that he puts in his wallet for easier access for those who require a photocopy.

8. Having my 1st taste of gimik when after one soiree, we proceeded to Greenhills where I saw tons of teens by their cars waiting for the next super surround-sound vehicle to make its way to Goodah for some lugaw.

Ahhh yes, those were the days.



Z has been writing a lot of songs lately. But placing the tunes must've been an arduous task for him that he sent me one of his compos for me to work on.

So, on a Saturday afternoon, I came up with this.

Z's lyrics, as below:


the delicate hair
which covers your skin
brushed against mine
stirring me within

i caught a whiff
a scent so heavenly
as you tossed your hair
so sweet, so comely

i felt your body
as you slowly breathe
rhythmic succession
you i shared it with

something about you
which draws me near
i gravitate towards you
inevitably i fear


Ob-Gyn Report

Here's the missus' Ob-Gyn report from last Thursday.



Within the gravid uterus is a single fetus in cephalic presentation, with good cardiac and somatic activities. It has a biparietal diameter of 91.6mm compatible with 35 weeks and 1 days, the OFD of 114mm, and a head circumference of 323.4mm.

The femoral length of 68.9mm compatible with 35 weeks and 3 days, and an abdominal circumference of 288.4mm compatible with 32 weeks and 6 days age of gestation.

There is strong and regular cardiac activity with a heart rate of 149 beats per minute. Somatic movement is appreciated. There is no gross fetal abnormalilty. The fetus appears to be a boy.

The placenta is located posterior with grade II features, and without encroachment of the internal cervical os. There is adequate amount of amniotic fluid – 1.30cm.

Estimated fetal weight – 2412 grams.
Expected date of delivery: 25 June 2006


Single live intrauterine pregnancy in cephalic presentation, with mean gestational age of 35 weeks and 4 days based on BPD, HC, FL and AC. Placenta, posterior, grade II. Normohydramnio. Sonographic estimated fetal weight appropriate for age of gestation. Good fetal well-being.


So, naintindihan mo ha?


Bus Uncle

It's the biggest hit on youtube.com these days. Read the news-story first here before watching the video.


On Faith

So you're not watching DVC huh? Me neither but for a different reason.

Actually, I'm just postponing my personal screening of it since the missus would like to watch it with me. I've read the book so just the thought of watching the characters come to life on the screen excites me. Thus the missus would like to see how excited I will be as each scene unfolds, like a kid watching Ice Age 2 (Well, I think I was like a kid when we watched Ice Age 2. Eyes wide open, jaw-dropped and laughing hard as the next guy. Hehe).

Soon, I can be one of those who'd say, "Ay, mas maganda yung libro" as what most said about those Harry Potter and Jack Ryan films.

Yes I'm one of the rare few who has 20/20 vision because I haven't been reading novels as often as you. It's just that I was intrigued by DVC when I heard about it, so I read it. A page-turner indeed (I believe I have made a blog on it previously).

So until the DVD pirated copy circulates, I won't be watching it. But betyorbotomdolar that I'll be watching it.

So how about you? Why haven't you watched it? It's just fiction dude, or as PBB had popularized, it's just fiction dod. Relaaaax....wachamuvi.

Oh, so you're afraid that all of Dan Brown's ideas may shake your beliefs? Like these fellas from a pic I found in the Inquirer?

I'll let Matthew end today's blog:

"....You of little faith...why did you doubt?" ---Matthew 14:31


Part of the 'hood

Well, this is it. The missus and I will soon be part of that illustrious club that is called parenthood. She went shopping yesterday for baby stuff. I also did mine. Here's my very first contribution to the 'hood:

Maybe when he's 2 or 3 I'll buy him this if he inherits my football skills (it's the exact design as the latest Adidas F50+ series, only smaller & cuter).



Sa mga kababata ko, do you remember what you were watching after school when you were in elementary?

Voltes 5? Yes.

Daimos? Tama ka dun (my favorite btw).

Ano pa?

Here, let me refresh your memory:

At syempre:


Buhay Banda

One of my staff used to be the drummer for Naked Breed, a popular rock band here. I guess he misses that life when he decided to join the corporate workforce. Here's one of their live gigs:

Haaaay kakainggit. I missed the days I was playing for Microwaveable Popcorn. They've changed their name now to Mr. Brosnan. JA, our drummer, invited me to their concert next Saturday night at Singapore. I think I'll come over for the weekend to watch them play.


Being left out

Imagine yourself walking into the office on a Monday morning to find out that all your work-buddies, the guys you always go out with during lunch break all these years, are gone. This is because they realized that staying in the same company for soooo many years has not helped in lifting their careers. And, more importantly, that they have been invited to work for another company, except you. One by one, they have all decided to jump ship. Unfortunately, you had been left out like a kid who's not been invited to your rich neighbor's birthday party. They're all there on the greener side of the fence while you are left to continue the same boring work with your ultra-scrutinizing boss flying around like a vulture on a dying camel.

I feel that such is the dreadful scenario that AD is feeling right now. He has not communicated this to me verbally, but, I've sensed it for having known him all these years. He showed me a Jobstreet-ad that he said he wanted to apply. He even popped another window showing his CV, and then another window showing his cover letter. All for show perhaps? Just so he can say to the world that, "Hey! I am leaving this piece of shit too!"

It's quite sad actually. The thought of being left out seems too much for him to bear that he is trying hard to hide his depression.

In all my working years, I've learned that a person is only successful in job-hopping if he keeps his mouth shut about it. Spreading the word to all your colleagues that you hate your boss, this place, and you are going to this so-so company is just another way of letting out steam. All bark and no bite. I'm fairly certain that he will do nothing about it since he's afraid to move out of his comfort zone or, to put it more bluntly, no one has invited him to greener pastures.

I can remember 2 such cases in my previous work. A he and a she, they were always complaining about their sad state and said they are going to move to this or that company, or even work abroad.

As you may have guessed, they are still there, still wallowing.

I hope AD won't be the unfortunate 3rd.


My recent Manila trip in 46 words

chicken with noodles * Jollibee burger steak * Bacolod Chicken Inasal * pandesal with vienna sausage * bulalo * burger machine sansrival * rufos tapsilog * hito * tahong * roast pork * truffles chocolate * gyu yakinikudon * tempura * sashimi * blueberries and cream crepe * roast pork * halabos na hipon * fish with rice * BK black pepper beef meal


Dama Master

Talk about coming from behind.


Thierry Henry (pronounced as "ohn-ree") is hands-down one of the world's best football strikers today. He's the driving force of Arsenal (mah favorite football club), worrying the opposing team's defenses using his speed and deadly accuracy of the ball. A top striker and scorer, he's a definite asset to the club. He's been with Arsenal for quite some years already so the issue has been whether or not he will renew his contract with the club for a couple more years. He has kept mum on the subject, not giving the slightest hint if he will stay or go to Barcelona FC or another club. If Arsenal win the Champions League on the 17th, there could be a chance that he'll stay....or go.

Such is the fate of professional athletes, be it in football, basketball, etc. Age (and money, of course) is a deciding factor that makes players seek out other offers for a longer contract elsewhere. At age 27 or 28 most players who are in good form will already ask for a longer contract so that they are secured for the next couple of years even if they encounter injury. For if they wait 'til age 34, 32 or even 30, they might just end up in the lower leagues or worse, retiring prematurely.

I think most of that is going thru Henry's thoughts lately. If he moves, the Arsenal fans will definitely going to miss him for he has been greatly associated with the team for sometime. Of course the reverse is true. He will definitely miss playing in the English Premier League as well.

In a way, I find myself in the same situation as these football players every year as my contract ends. Not knowing if I'm going to be renewed, I am always on my toes to perform well and prove to my bosses that I'm deserving to stay here, my home for over 3 years now. Since I'm still here, I guess they like my work.

When the time comes for me to leave, I'm going to miss every inch of Malaysia that I've been in, every bite/sip of Malaysian food that my mouth has tasted, and especially the warm, friendly people that I've come across. I'm sure that my colleagues at work will definitely miss me too, for I know that they know that I've done well.

And just like Henry, I'm going to keep mum until the very last minute.


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Here's a video I sent to one of the Bugoys as a birthday-greeting. I managed to find the full version on Google.


Sit-ups: the right way

During those times na ginaganahan ako mag-exercise (which is like once or never a week), it seems that I've been doing sit-ups the wrong way.

This video from webmd.com shows the right way.

Of course proper diet should also be taken into account. I've yet to incorporate this that's why I look as pregnant as the missus.