When Life Hands You A Lemon

I must say, you can tell a person from what he does when life hands him a lemon. Well, I've yet to prove that in other people but towards myself, I think I can.

Life has handed me another lemon today. How did I deal with it? At first, I found myself sadly looking at it with disdain. I was just plain sad at the very instant it came to me. I could've received an apple, an orange, but a lemon?!?! FML.

This is why I love the missus so much. I told her about the lemon and, as always, she would help me look at it in a different way. We ended our phone conversation laughing about it but with the thought that I should take note of the things to work on so as not to receive a lemon of the similar sort in the future. She gives me perspective, especially on lemons.

Anyone care for lemonade?


Fabulous Finds: Yuujin

Had Mother's Day dinner with the missus and mom-in-law last weekend at this Japanese resto along Wilson Street, San Juan. I've been driving by this place often and always wondered what the food tasted like. Well, last Sunday was my chance.

To cut the long story short, we enjoyed our dinner there. The California Maki and Salmon Sashimi was fresh, so was the Tuna Temaki.

The Oriental Fried Rice has my two thumbs up! Very delicious! The Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura were good as well, almost comparable to that of Teriyaki Boy.

Price was your average Japanese bill (almost the same as Teriyaki Boy). I will definitely come back to this place.


My Random Election Thoughts

  1. I conducted a pre-election survey in one of my Yahoogroups. Gibo and Gordon tied for President while Roxas won for Vice-President. My analysis of this is that the group that participated were that of the thinking class. That is, they were never swayed with the ads and other campaigns. What they considered were the past performances that these people have accomplished.
  2. It took me 2.5 hours before I was able to cast my vote. Seeing how our government had embraced technology in order to provide speedier results, that 2.5 hour wait was well worth it.
  3. I voted for Gibo and Roxas. I believed in what Gibo stood for. Too bad his association being the Arroyo government's candidate may have affected the votes. Roxas? Hmmm...not really sure come to think of it
  4. Erap placed 2nd in the presidential race. This means we still have a lot to learn as a people. The masses are still lost in terms of getting a true grasp of the goings-on in the government.
  5. I agree with Gibo that our country is long overdue for a Constitutional Change. Many people have found ways to go around these laws.
  6. Gibo's advice to his supporters: "Do the best that [you] can do in [your] own field. We have an obligation to our country to do the best in our respective fields...fairly...legitimately."
  7. I hope Noynoy does a good job, lest he wants his parents to come back after him.
  8. Binay as VP? How the hell did he pull it off? Really amazing. I'm thinking that the Chiz Escudero endorsement ad did a lot of damage to Mar's campaign.
  9. I voted for Val Sotto for Paranaque Councilor. He was the only guy I know fairly well (from his TODAS and VST days).
  10. Except for some, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for this term were a good batch. The mudslinging was expected but if you look at each of their credentials, they really did a lot of good (except for you-know-who).
  11. I voted for Pia Cayetano simply because she's a runner/triathlete. Anyone who can take care of his/her health is a good start.
  12. I voted for Miriam. We need a whistle-blower in there.
  13. Conceding is actually a very brave thing to do. Congrats to those who've done it so far!
  14. The missus is definitely going to be irritated since her hate-hate relationship for Kris will probably grow exponentially now that she is in Malacanang (which was probably why ABSCBN has 1 foot in there as well).
  15. Non-election thought: as per the missus' observation, Boy Abunda seems to be cheerier/happier evern since Kris left SNN. Tignan mo mabuti mamayang gabi.
  16. To Noynoy: I didn't vote for you. But I hope that these next 6 years you can prove me wrong. Otherwise, watch out. "Ang bise-presidente ko, may B."


On Charity

Seeing another initiative from an online community to share a day with disfortunate children, I was reminded again by a thought the missus mentioned sometime back about a similar encounter she experienced years back.

Spending a day is therapy both for the giver and recipient. For the giver, it makes him appreciate what he has and how lucky he is. For the recipient, it's a sumptuous meal, toys/gifts, a few games, and a friend for the day. At least for this day, it is different.

But what happens when the day is over? The giver goes back to his house/family and he sleeps comfortably in his comfortable normal life. Everything is just the way it is, but with an extra thought that he's lucky to be where he is. In a year or two he will probably forget the name of the recipient he met that day.

For the recipient, he goes back to the orphanage/shelter with the same people in his predicament, mostly the abandoned. He sleeps soundly, for today was a great day. But there is a small part that wonders when will such a great day happen again. Or, for some minute possibility, when will his giver whom he'll still remember the name for a long time, come back.