Today's my last day in Singapore. I arrived last Monday evening to attend CommunicAsia, an annual event for telecom operators and vendors. As my trip was sponsored by one of the vendors, I flew via Singapore Airlines' Business Class, and they booked me at a USD420/night hotel: RafflesThePlaza.

It was great to see Singapore again: Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Raffles City Mall, the MRT, the SMELL of the MRT (hehe), the hawker stalls, etc.

Next month: KL holiday with the missus and my boy.



I've been a little off on my "rice-reduction" plan that I declared over 2 months ago thanks to the delicious home-cooked tinola and chicken curry, and the eat-out dinners the missus and I have each week (Teriyaki Boy, Pancake House, DonHen, Pancake House, Old Spag House, Pancake House...).

On exercise, basketball has been made regular thanks to the ball-addicts in the office. We'd scurry off to the basketball court at White Plains in the evenings and work up a sweat in preparation for the upcoming office-league on August.

This, however, is once a week only so I have to get the time to exercise with the threadmill back home. Nakakatamad mag-setup ng threadmill so I often end up sleeping early at night or taking a walk with my boy around the compound early morning (depending on what time he decides to wake up), showing him the beep-beeps (cars) and the ow-ows (dogs) of the neighborhood.

Bottomline? My current weight STILL at 170lbs. I've lost my target of going down to 166lbs by end of May. Bakit ba naman kase ang sarap kumain eh!

But Mother Nature has ways in reminding me that I have to continue this goal: body ache.

Since I only play basketball once a week, my body doesn't seem to be conditioned after I play. My back and left knee aches. According to an article in webmd.com, when the main support system of the body (which is your back) has pain, the next supporting joint (in this case the knee) takes over its role. Siguro napagod na din tuhod ko on supporting my weight so I'm always feeling this "water in knee" feeling after basketball. No conditioning ata.

I can hear the missus right now, "Ay nakow wag ka nang magbasketbol!" She is just being protective, of course. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do. I should not let down Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and of course, Jawo.

With an ache on my knee and a smile, I would reply back to the missus, "I need to play."

So, I'm going to start working-out again at home. This morning I finished 20mins on the threadmill plus some weight-training and abdominals. Gawin ko na lang siguro madalas so I can strengthen my body again.

And with a sigh, I would have to "rice-reduce" again.

Goodbye my precious Mcdo Caramel Sundae. We'll see each other again.



When me, my Mom and my sis went to Candon the other week, we stayed at our uncle's house which was right across my Lola's house. It was a 4 (or 5?) storey house with a pool-table at the top.

Here's Richneil, my cousin's youngest, who beat me in playing 9-ball.