Air Asia...now everyone can get DELAYED

This is a complaint I filed with Air-Asia thru their website. Their call-centers are of no use since they are not 24hrs. I even tried talking to their Manager at Clark-airport but she wasn't of any help. AirAsia....cr*p.


Air Asia Management,

I am writing to complain of the outrageous delayed flight that is currently being experienced by my mother-in-law, with flight reference number ******.

The Clark-to-KL flight AK33 for Jun29 was originally scheduled for 4:30pm. Several days ago she received an sms that the flight is delayed to 7:50pm, then this morning another sms that is was delayed to 9:45pm. Upon arrival at the airport, she was then informed that the flight is at 12:45am. Seeing that this is not enough for you, you announced yet again that the flight is delayed to 3:30am!!!!

What kind of airline are you running? I know you are a “budget-airline” but this is ridiculous! If it was due to a technical problem we would understand. But a “scheduling-problem” at KL-airport??? It is totally unexcusable!

I have my share of “scheduling problems” with Air-Asia last April. My KL-to-Clark flight was delayed for over an hour before we took-off. My return flight to KL was ALSO delayed. Is Air-Asia so small that your management does not even have conviction to put their foot down when Air-Asia flights are intentionally(?) delayed by the KL-airport????

Normally, when there are long delays, the airline will book the passengers to a nearby hotel for them to rest until the flight is on. But as of this writing, my mother-in-law is languishing at Clark-airport waiting for the flight to go on as scheduled or your next announcement that the flight is delayed, among the rest of the tired passengers. Your Clark-office did not even try to persuade the Clark-airport Immigration to let the passengers out so that they can rest in a hotel. They did not even try to bring in folding beds for them to sleep on. Your Manager at Clark-Airport said that the airport is small but that does not mean you don't give your best effort.

You should learn to take care of your passengers because they bring in the money for your company. If events like this go unattended, you will lose passengers in the end. You can imagine if word of this gets out to the public they will think twice before booking with Air-Asia again. You should somehow make-up for this by giving just compensation to these poor passengers who have been waiting since 4pm of Jun29 to wait for their 3:30am flight. A free meal is not enough!!!

We are totally disgusted by this and we demand an explanation.



Ika nga ni Mahal


While I Was Sleeping (#2)

I was having chest pains so I decided to go to the doctor for a checkup. I walked to the hospital receptionist and asked for the available heart doctor. The only heart doctor right now is an American, she said. Since I didn't care what nationality the doctor was, I told her that I wanted to see him.

I told the doctor that I played futsal last Sunday and then badminton last night. Then he blurted, "Ahhh kaya sumasakit ang dibdib mo kase napagod ka masyado." I didn't believe him for 2 things: he's American but he spoke fluent Tagalog and secondly, the exercise was not THAT overdone to cause me heart problems.

The nurse then got a stetoscope and listened to my heart. I knew that she was a 'newbie' when she turned away from me and was counting my heartbeat with her fingers. She had to ask the other nurse if the heartrate she got was correct.

This prompted me to seek a second opinion. The missus and I ended up in another hospital in KL. It was dirty and was full of students. Wait. This isn't KL. It looks like U-Belt in Manila!

We were told to wait for the doctor but after some time it was taking too long. I later found out that the doctor was in the next room, a pantry, having her way at the buffet table.

So we left and as we were walking back to the house, we were being followed by this tall, lanky hobo in a red-shirt. He was walking too close for comfort when I decided to stop and, without a word, grabbed the back of his head and tried to slam it on the trunk of a parked car. He seemed ready for it by countering my downward force. So I faked the slam and when he stopped countering, I slammed him. BANG! He was out.

Next scene: we were sleeping in a 2-storey apartment that resembled the place that I lived in when I was young. I woke up to a noise at the ground floor so I went down.

The kitchen was at the end of the stairs to the right. I could hear faint movements in the kitchen. As I turned right, I was met with the hobo with his scary eyes and a kitchen knife raised about to stab me.

Next thing I knew, I woke up with a shout.

P.S. The earlier night it was the missus who had a similar dream but it was in our current house. There was a lady-thief who managed to get in from the open kitchen door. I guess she had more success since she had a kitchen-knife duel with the robber.


Weekend #25


It was my turn to cook dinner: spaghetti. Not that hard really. Boil the noodles, saute the garlic and beef and pour the sauce (Pregio instant, so no need to make tantya-tantya, hehe). Add the grated-cheese and voila, spaghetti (or in Tagalog, issspagetti)!

Well the missus liked it but I didn't finish mine. I think it's something to do with when you're the one cooking you lose your appetite since you see the development of the meal from start to finish. Plus the occasional taste-testing that somehow retards the excitement of dinner since you know how it tastes already. Well there's always one exception: pork adobo.

The missus and I always talk before we doze off ---a healthy-habit I inherited from my parents. Well the word for the night (actually for the past few weeks) is We-nes-day. Yup she pronounces it that way. We-nes-day. But only in a Tagalog sentence, take note. She stresses that if the word is said by itself or inserted in an English-sentence, she says it correctly ---Wens-day. She insists that saying "We-nes-day" in a Tagalog sentence is fitting. I guess she found Miyerkules too hard to pronounce.

Well, she countered me with a word I mispronounce myself: cowwwntry (country).


Had to work half-day (work-weeks here in Malaysia include alternating-Saturdays). Nothing much happening in the office since half of the people are on day-off. The day was slow that my boss walked to my place and had the usual chit-chat. He's good, actually. Hmmm I think I'll post one of his "work-ethic" slides to my blog one of these days.

For lunch I decided to try "pan mee." Hand-made noodles, low-level spices with oil, and served dry. It's similar to hokkien mee but not as "scary" as the missus pointed out.

We met Mon, an old colleague from a previous company, for dinner and movie night-out. He's been here for almost a month, alone in KL. Married and with 3 kids, I guess you get the point when he replied to my "kumusta?" with, "Heto nahohomesick na." Good thing he's going home this Wed-nes-day.

Earlier in the day I already planned to have our dinner at Chicken Buffet at Times Square Mall. Well I made a boo-boo when I noticed why Mon wasn't eating the chicken. It turns out he's been eating KFC every chance he gets. Oh well, good thing there was coleslaw and potato chips. Hehe.

We watched Batman Begins and oh man oh man! DOLBY SOUND-SURROUND! I think I lost count whispering to Mon and the missus "P*tek, ang ganda ng sound-system dito!" throughout the movie. I felt every CRASH! and BANG! in the movie through the vibrations in my legs and chest. D*mn you Dolby! Hehe. It has been A-G-E-S since I last watched a movie in dolby-sound surround. After 2 1/2 years in Malaysia why oh why only NOW I found this out, especially that the Stars Wars Series and LOTR-trilogy has ended. Arrrrgggghhhh! We'll definitely watch sci-fi movies at that cinema next time. A sign I saw on the mall elevator will make me come back: "LEVEL 10 - The biggest movie screen in South-East Asia." Hohohoho!!!

I forgot to mention that during the movie, Allan, an ex-Globe, texted me that he was in KL-airport for a brief stopover prior to his flight to Buenos Aires. He hopes he'll be lucky to land a contract working here. With the airport as his sole basis for Malaysia, he liked it here immediately. Hmmm. Maybe because of the free wifi? Hehe.


We usually go to Mass at 6pm but had to reschedule for 11:15am due to my futsal (indoor-football) kick-around at 4:30pm. The missus was generous enough for this change, and I love her for it.

After the Mass we had the usual Bah-Kut-Teh lunch (or BKT, as my officemate Anand calls it) at Klang. BKT is like pork that is a cross between nilaga and paksiw. The sabaw (soup) is heavenly! I cannot really describe the taste but if you want to try it, there's a BKT resto along UN Avenue towards MalacaƱang and another resto in Eastwood. I hope it tastes the same as here in Klang.

Futsal at 4:30pm. It was more running than last week, but I managed to pull through: 3 goals (or "a hat-trick" as they say in football-lingo). D*mn I'm good! The level of futsal of these guys is slightly lower than the guys I used to play against when David was here, so goal-scoring is not that difficult. Except for the irritating young Chinese-fella that kept on loosing the ball for our team, I had a good workout.

We're in Starbucks now after buying the weekly groceries. Taking advantage of the free-wifi over coffee, the missus is watching Philippine-showbiz updates over the internet. I forgot to bring home my earphones, so I'm wearing headphones (earmuffs) now. The missus teased that I look like a fly. Well I feel more of a DJ. Hehehe. But, based from the weird look the passersby are giving me, I think I'll remember to bring my earphones next time.

Btw, Mommy-Q is arriving this We-nes-day.


A Classic: Balikbayan Box Joke

Bigla ko na lang naalala yung isang forwarded-email na natanggap ko some years back. Tawang-tawa talaga ako nun nung nabasa ko. An extreme story of the OFW "pasalubong-culture" seen at a hilarious angle. I was scouring the internet half an hour for that joke and I finally found it thanks to google.com. Here it is:

"Mahal kong mga kapatid, hayan na si Inay!!

Pasencia na kayo at hindi ko nasamahan ang Inay sa pag-uwi diyan sa Pilipinas sa dahilan na napaka-mahal ng pamasahe. Ang gastos ko na nga lang sa kanya ay kulang-kulang sa sampung libo (kabaong at shipment). Ayoko ng isipin pa ang eksaktong halaga. Anyway, pinadala ko kasama ni Inay ang:

--Dalawampu't apat na karne norte na nasa likod ni Inay. Maghati-hati na kayo.
--Anim na bagong labas na Reebok sneakers...isa suot-suot ni Inay...ang lima nasa ulunan ni Inay...isa-isa na kayo riyan.
--Iba't bang klaseng tsokolate, nasa puwit ni Inay...maghati-hati na kayong lahat...
--Anim na Ralph Lauren na t-shirts suot-suot ni Inay...para sa iyo, Kuya, at isa-isa ang mga pamangkin ko.
--Isang dosenang Wonderbra na gustong-gusto ninyo, mga kapatid ko, suot-suot din ni Inay. Maghati-hati na kayo riyan.
--Dalawang dosenang Victoria's Secret na panties na inaasam-asam ninyo, suot-suot din ni Inay. Maghati-hati na rin kayo, Ate....
--Walong Dockers na pantalon suot-suot din ni Nanay... Kuya, Diko, isa-isa na kayo, at mga pamangkin ko.
--Ang Rolex na hinahabilin mo, Kuya, eh suot-suot din ni Inay. Kunin mo na.
--Ang hikaw, singsing, at kuwintas na gustong-gusto mo, Ate, eh suot-suot din ni Inay. Kunin mo na.
--Mga Chanel na medyas, suot-suot din ni Inay. Tig-i-tig-isa na kayo at mga pamangkin ko.

Bahala na kayo kay Inay. Pamimisahan ko na lang siya dito. Balitaan niyo na lang ako pagkatapos ng libing.

Nagmamahal na kapatid,

P.S. Pakibihisan na lang si Inay...."


Miss na kita

Tapsilog. Tapa-King, Tapa Express, Rufu's....haaaay ang sarrrap.

Starbucks Iced White Coffee. Wala sa Starbucks-Malaysia ang kapeng ito. Paborito ko sa pinas mula nung nirecommend sakin ni utol.

Mom's Pinakbet. Naaaapakapakasarrap lalo na pag ang gamit na gulay eh fresh from Candon, Ilocos Sur.

Burger Machine Sansrival. Mga dalawang subo ko lang eh ubos na 'to kaya madalas dalawa ang order ko.

Lechon Manok. Nalunod sa sariling mantika na pwede pang-sabaw sa kanin. Sawsaw mo pa sa esfesyal sarsa.

Crispy Beef with Garlic. Isa sa mga standard ulam pag nasa Gerry's. Di pupwedeng wala nito.

Sisig. Be it Gerry's or Dencio's.....haaay....konti lang ang hot sauce ah!

Binatog. Narinig ko minsan nung nakinig kami ni misis ng RX-Morning Rush. Brings back memories ng bahay namen sa Pio Del Pilar.

JT's Manukan Bacolod Chicken. Al fresco dinner with ulam-ish garlic rice nag nagmamantika. Ayayayay. Extra rice pleeease!

Silvanas. Yung nasa Glorietta4, bago ka umakyat ng escalator papuntang sinehan. Ang sarap nung bilog na parang sansrival na ewan ko ba ano tawag dun. Hay nako basta masarap!

Mommy-Q's BBQ Chicken. Pagkatapos kong natikman eh muntik na ako mapasigaw ng, "Aristocrat what?? what?!?!" Walang sinabi ang bbq chicken nila sa luto ni Mommy-Q.

Wendy's Iced Tea. Yup walang Wendy's dito. Peborit ko mula pa nung mga puyatan namin nung college. Tambayan eh Wendy's Boni Ave with fries and iced tea lang eh ayos na ang kwentuhan at kopyahan ng assignment. Hehe.

Classic Pancakes ng Pancake House. Favorite of the missus specifically yung mga branches with the "Pancake X-factor" daw. Ewan ko kung ano yun pero dahil dun, napurnada yung tapsilog ko nung umuwi kami last Christmas eh.

Ika nga sa kumpisal: "And all the other foods I can't remember.....that's all pader."

Di bale, pag uwi ko ng Agosto, iisa-isahin ko lahat yan. Miss, extra rice nga! Hehe.


"The Beautiful Game"

I managed to play indoor-football (futsal) again last Sunday evening. I last played on January 2005, right before David left for Singapore.

Rewind to 1988: I have been playing regular football since high-school in Don Bosco Makati. I started by joining an illustrious gang of misfits in 2nd year HS to beat the all-star team section on penalties. We became intramural champs. The following year our teams met again in the finals but with a different result. We lost 2-0. I guess it was just beginner's luck during our 2nd year.

During 3rd yr HS our varsity team was thought of as the dark-horse in the RIFA (Rizal Football Assoc.) tournament. We had 3 players from the seminary (who were known to spend 1/4 of the day playing football), a handful of veteran varsity players, and a group of rookies that included myself. I remember we beat DB-Tondo, Claret, LaSalle-Lipa, Marcos Mariano HS, but got clobbered by Ateneo, LaSalle Zobel, and LaSalle Greenhills.

I quit the team when I was in 4th year HS to concentrate on my studies. Ironically, my grades were lower compared to the previous year. I guess I am more productive if I had extra-curricular activities to juggle with my academics.

1990: I entered Don Bosco Mandaluyong for college. I was hungry for the game so I joined Don Bosco Makati for the NCRFA tournament. We had "imports" from the Visayas region (known to be the bedlam of Philippine football) that included an international referee as coach in the name of "Taruc." Sadly, even with that advantage, we never made it beyond the round-robin as we lost to UST, DB-Mandaluyong, Ateneo, DLSU in our group. My playing with the Makati-team was somehow an issue since I was already studying in Manda. The fact is, the Manda-team tryouts were over when I decided to reopen my football account so I had no choice but to play with the Makati-team.

The following year, 1991-92 season, I played for the DB-Manda Under-18 team. That team was no pushover. It was a mix of players from Manila and Central Luzon. It was a strong team but no real strategy. Our coach just left us with warmups and basic passing plays so we never really had a chance to use our skills to the full. Though that year I can say that I scored a marvelous header against DB-Makati on an away-game, which we won handedly. Fortunately, after one victory after another we reached the semis against UST. I had a fallout with my coach the last practice prior to the game. I never realized how serious it was until he benched me. Not to pry, but we lost that game and had to settle to fight for the bronze. We won the bronze against Ateneo, a well-bred football team, 1-0. I only played the last 5 minutes of that game. A substitute.

The next time I played was about 6 years later. I got word of an alumni team playing in Don Bosco Makati every Saturday afternoon. We played in several tourneys ---the closest I got to feeling a champ again was the final against an all-Arab team in the Alumni Cup of 1999. Though I scored on my turn, we lost on penalties. Specifically, it was the last penalty attempt by our less-experienced teammate who succumbed to the pressure.

Sep 2001: I was working in Singapore ---"forced" to find greener pastures abroad. I managed to join the company football club and played several friendlies. Though I never scored a goal in the 2 friendlies I played, the closest I got was a Beckham-like freekick which passed a wall of defenders but was caught by the outstreched-arms of the 6-foot-plus keeper from hitting below the post. That would've been sweet to be played over and over again in my head if the ball made it through the net. But it was not meant to be.

2003: I managed to step into the football pitch again ---this time in Malaysia. Apparently, company-football is more serious in this country compared to Singapore.
Age got the better of me when I joined the try-outs for our company team. My stamina was not as it was 14yrs ago so I ended up playing around 15-20 minutes of the game. I never got to join that team. I also had my first futsal game. An operator vs vendor game that we won hands-down. It was only the 2nd trophy in my football career. I was left wanting for the sport since there would be no games after that.

Mid 2004: I met David, a Singaporean working in Malaysia. We discussed 'the beautiful game' and had invited me to join in their Friday futsal games. Futsal, or indoor football, is a faster, scaled-down version of football. Your stamina needs to be in peak-condition to play the full length. The ball and the pitch is smaller, and the shoes have no studs. I remember my first futsal game clearly: huffing and puffing for air after just 10 minutes. I was literally gasping for air. I felt like my lungs had been squeezed of all the oxygen in it. I was lying on the bench near-collapse. I was dead-tired but the feeling of playing football made me want to enter the pitch again for a chance to play. We played for 3 months until David had to go back to Singapore last January.

Fast-forward to June 2005. David returns! He's aching to play futsal (is it true that there are no futsal-courts in Singapore? waaaah) and has asked Joel who's from another company where we could play. Apparently he and his friends play every Sunday evening. It was a chance to play again. Ahh yes, my Umbro futsal shoes are out of the shoe-cabinet again and I'll be able to smell the [artificial] grass.

No one remembers who won last Sunday. As tiring as it is, goals come thick and fast in futsal that we forgot to take note of the score. But David and the gang can't forget the only Filipino in the court wearing a Brazil shirt scoring 4 marvelous goals that Ronaldo and Pele will definitely be proud of.

I hope we play futsal again soon. David is going back to Singapore tomorrow but Joel will be calling me if they plan to play this weekend. Until that time, I'll be replaying those goals in my head over and over and over...



Today I was cleaning up my inbox and found an old forwarded-email. It was sent to me by one of our illustrious engineers who every now and then forwards stress-relieving emails. It does make you wonder how he does his job with all the forwarded email he's sending everyday (actually he works in the network-monitoring center so there's really nothing to do but look at the graphs and wait for the next system alarm to popup). Not exactly an "enriching" job but at least it's a good start. I guess he must've joined a new religion coz he stopped sending us emails with "sumptuous" file-attachments, if you know what I mean. ;-)

So I opened the attachment.


It makes you wonder how Korean and Japanese comedies are soooo funny.
I guess I can rank it as funny as the Ping-Pong Matrix skit or the old "Takeshi's Castle" that I used to watch when I was young.

Anyway here's the video. Hope you'll find it as funny as I did.


Impulse Buying

Me and the missus were in the mall last Saturday to catch "The Interpreter" at 9PM. Since we had 30-minutes to waste we decided to go to my favorite shops ---Adidas and Nike--- to salivate on the latest basketball and football shoes that they've released.

As we entered the Nike shop, my feet took me to the usual racks of new shoes that came out. D*mn those Air Jordan XVIII .5's have gone down to RM399! Too bad I still have my reliable Ultraposites so no need to buy a new one yet. My wife calls my ultras "Batman Shoes" since they're all black and the laces are hidden by a zipper. Cool huh? Never mind if I lose the game, as long as I look good in my shoes, hehe.

Anyway the missus (I feel so cool when I write "missus" instead of "wife," I got it from a funny writer named Neil Humphreys who wrote 2 books on his life in Singapore ---another must read if you get a chance), was looking at the Nike-watches, wondering when we'll replace our his&hers Petaling-street Nike-fakes. It cost RM10 each so it was a good buy (until we saw the same "replicas" in Greenhills for half the price...arrggghhh!). The missus is really not into fake stuff but it seemed reasonable since we were still on "budget-mode" at the time.

So I glanced over, took a quick look at the watches and I said, "Let's buy that pair." Men really don't have the time to take time going through every detail when shopping. It's either welike it or we don't. If you may have noticed, the men's section is usually near the entrace of the store or mall. Too bad there aren't any drive-thru malls...yet. :D

I don't know what came over me. I just had this feeling that if we don't buy them someone else will (they were the last good-looking his&hers watches on that store). Except for the Fossil watches we bought last year, I'm really not an impulse buyer (a good example is my jogging shoes which I have 2 witnesses to confirm that it took me several rounds of window-shopping [on 3 different malls!] before I got one). But I've had lots of problems with the Petaling-watch. That's what you get for buying faked goods (except DVDs of course, but that's another story).

She was all smiles when we got it. Finally a REAL his&hers Nike-watch! Too bad it didn't have a heart-rate monitor, I would have loved it more, hehe.

We had to run to the other end of the mall since the movie had just started. We got worried when we entered the cinema coz we didn't see Nicole on the screen. Ahhhh it was just the intro. We can catch the story from here. :)


Where's the Cheese?

Lila had texted me this morning that a VP in a former company I worked for had left. Apparently it was for a better offer abroad ---Indonesia to be exact. Lately there have been news of numerous job vacancies in 2 telco companies there due to expansion of their respective networks.

I guess there's no stopping the exodus of Filipino workers abroad, specifically in the telco sector. With the sad state of the Philippine economy, no wonder many have thought of working, and later on migrating, abroad.

It reminded me of a book I once read called "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson. It's a story of 2 mice who were in a maze engrossed in eating cheese. The first mouse was content with where he was that he didn't think of moving. What with the immense hunk of cheese in that corner of the maze, who'd leave?

The second mouse, on the other hand, thought that someday that hunk of cheese will be gone. So the next day he was off to seek cheese elsewhere.

To cut the long story short, all the cheese was gone where the 1st mouse was while the 2nd mouse found another place with more than the cheese he had with the 1st mouse. It was enourmous! It was enough to last him a lifetime.

The 1st mouse was too content with where he was the he didn't anticipate the scenario that that hunk of cheese will be gone whereas the 2nd mouse was one step ahead. If I had a choice of the ending to the book, the 1st mouse would've died. Hehe.

What I learned is that everyone has to maximize his/her full potential as a human being and just "GO FOR IT!" Like professional football/basketball players, that full potential may only be a few years before age and injury comes. So I say, earn as much as you can while you're expertise is in demand. Grab that opportunity when it knocks. Work abroad for a few years (see the world man! there's so many places to see and explore!). Then after that, retire young and start your own business.

Or you can do what many pessimistic, "safe" people do: spend the rest of your life inside a shrinking, cluttered office cubicle uttering "what if's" while your d*ckhead boss wants to talk to you again about your non-promotion and all that "bell-curve" crap.

Jump in, the water's fine.


While I was Sleeping (#1)

Heto yung panaginip ko nung isang gabi:

Naglalaro daw ako ng basketball kasama mga kaklase ko nung college. Half-court tapos 4-on-4. Bola ng team namin. Masyadong malakas yung pasa ni Mel so hindi ko nasalo. Tinakbo ni Tatang yung bola sa kabilang court tapos pinasa sakin. This time eh nakuha ko yung bola.

So na sakin na yung bola. Nakita ko si Javier (kaklase ko naman nung highschool) na nag-cut papasok sa loob. Libre!!! So nag-blind pass ako sa kanya and he got it.

All alone so dere-deretso sya sa ring. Nag-layup....pumasok! Kaso.....

nung pababa na sya, nadapa.....BLAG! Yari bumagsak eh wala namang katabi.

Nung nakita ko yun, napasigaw na lang ako ng "FOUL!!!!" Patawa eh. Hehehe.

Narinig ko na lang yung sarili kong sumigaw nun. Tapos gising na pala ako. Nung narinig ni Mrs. na sumigaw ako eh napatingin sya sakin. Ayun nakapikit pa pala daw ako tapos nakangiti pa. Nananaginip na naman daw ako.

Namimiss ko lang siguro yung basketball ng mga kaklase ko sa Manila kaya ko napaginipan yun. Pwede rin siguro nagtatampo na yung Nike na pambasketbol ko. Medyo matagal ko na kase di nagagamit.

Di bale, bukas eh indoor-football (futsal) naman eh. Hehehe.


I got to move it move it

The missus and I have just finished watching Madagascar. Disney did it again! Soooobra akong natawa (actually ako lang daw yung pinakamalakas na tumawa sa sinehan sabi ni misis).

I especially liked the Lemurs, specifically the king and his right-hand man (sorry I forgot their names). Nag-robot dance pa eh! Hehehe. D*mn these movies nowadays. I wish we had the technology for this when I was young (batang Voltes V ini...hehe).

The mafia penguins were funny too. I loved the scene when they asked the monkeys (higher mammals) to decode the sign posted on their crate. Hehe the deaf-mute chimp had a funny translation to the word "Kenya."

Two-thumbs up! I recommend this movie to kids (and kids-at-heart as well).

Hmmm....makapunta nga ng Sungei Wang baka meron nang DVD. Hehehehe.