3 Years

I invited 3 of my engineers earlier for lunch at Sbarro Megamall. Italian has been the flavor of the week so far (yesterday it was at Joey Pepperoni) and Sbarro didn't disappoint.

One of them asked me about what countries I've been in and the jobs I've been in. I told them I started off at Alcatel (3yrs), then Globe (3yrs), then Nokia (4.5mos), to Maxis (3.5yrs), until I ended up here at my current job (3.5yrs currently).

As I relayed this info them, we all realized that I'm almost averaging 3yrs on every career move. I'm a family man now and working abroad might be a far-fetched idea, but I get that giddy feeling that what if I get to move jobs again? I get more giddy when the news that 2 of my ex-Maxis officemates have moved back to Malaysia. They all seem to be second-guessing if I'll follow suit. It's really funny and exciting at the same time to think that what if that happens?

3 years. The story of my (career) life.

But, I won't know what'll happen for sure be it a month from now or a year from now. I'll take it one day at a time. Besides, despite the occasional pressures, I love the current Company that I'm in. Further, iba pa rin ang manatili sa sariling bayan.


Fabulous Finds: Abe (Serendra)

My officemates and I had the chance of having lunch today at Abe located in Serendra. If you look at it from the outside, the resto seems intimidating being in Serendra and all but actually once you get in and see the food on the other tables, it's actually a great welcome.

Food is native Kapampangan to be specific. Delectable dishes that one should try are the lamb adobo, gising-gising, and my favorite: Binukadkad na PlaPla.

The desserts and drinks are to die for as well.

Must try!


Is Blogging Dead?

That was the statement on my sister's FB status last week, to which I promptly replied to with a resounding "NO."

Blogging is still very much alive. Although FB and Twitter introduced micro-blogging, the blogosphere is still up and running, and being updated regularly.

I've just signed-up for a Twitter account yesterday and so far it looks fun. I get to follow my running idols Haile G. and Ryan Hall, to read the goings-on in their lives most especially their running.

But having a Twitter account does not prevent me from blogging. Putting up blog posts is still a good form of release and keeps my writing form in check (thanks to my 2nd yr college English professor who encouraged us to write essays everyday).

So for me, blogging is here to stay.


If You Found a lost iPhone, will you give it back?

It was at Matteo's party when my baby sister handed me a small black purse she found on the table floor where she sat. Inside was a phone.

An iPhone.

Do you still remember how insane I was (and still is) over getting one of these? Boy, the iPhone is truly one masterpiece made by the people from Apple. Even when the missus and Lucas and I were in the US Feb 2008, I was contemplating, contemplating on buying one whenever we passed by the Apple shop at Northridge Mall. The only thing holding me back was the price. Darn expensive.

And here I was holding an iPhone. My dream phone!

I have to admit, I was tempted on keeping it to myself. But then my conscience had to act up. If it happened to me, I would be damn frustrated if I lost it since I knew that getting it back was zero probability. I searched for a possible name and found it on the emails saved there (initials E.P.-A.). Plus, I was able to find a contact number in the phonebook (labeled "Home"). So there was definitely no excuse for me to keep it since I knew who the owner was and how to contact her.


To cut the whole story short, I was able to contact her that same night and arranged for her driver to come to my office to pick it up.

Next day the iPhone was returned but not without a token of appreciation: a whole cake of banoffee pie from BanApple and a "thank you" card from the owner. It was a very nice gesture of her to do it.

Conscience clean. But, my iPhone dream is still a dream.

Good thing I have a Nokia E72 service unit. ;-)


My 2010 Resolutions

A few items I've come up with to improve on for 2010. Hopefully, I'll try to abide by them in the next 12 months:

1. Spend only on your needs, not wants.

2. Save more particularly on stocks, bonds and other passive-income generating (trusted) investments.

3. Be more strict at work. Project an image more suitable for a Senior Manager

4. Be patient and understanding with the kids at home and with your boss(es) at work

5. Don't overeat. Stop when you're near full.

6. Drive defensively, not aggresively

7. Blog here more often

8. Continue running. Run a full-marathon this year at least once (or twice? [grin]). But get that left-knee checked before doing so.

9. Assert yourself more at work

10. Pray more