35 Random Thoughts

1. I am grateful for being where I am right now. There were good and bad times, but altogether when I look back at where I've been, I'm still grateful.

2. My boy can sing the lyrics of "Get Low" by Flo, "It had to be you" by Harry Connick Jr., "I left my heart in San Francisco" by Tony Bennett, "Ever After" by Bonie Bailey, and all of the Thomas The Train theme songs. He is 2 years old.

3. I really need to slim down. With all the aches and pains that I often feel, it is really time to get serious. I'm 170lbs as of this morning and I need to be slim by 20-25 lbs. Listening/watching Paul Mckenna's shows and audio instructionals didn't help a bit since the supposedly habit-forming technique didn't quite fit in for me. Self-control is the key, right?

4. I've recently had the itch to start up the old band again. I've emailed my bandmates and I hope that we get to play again sometime soon.

5. Bamboo has just released their latest album today. I might try to get a copy of their CD today or tomorrow.

6. The missus and I have yet to finalize the name of our 2nd son although we're sure that Matthew/Mateo/Mattheus is going to be in it.

7. Christmas season is coming up.

8. Will there be a long weekend on the days covering Nov1-2? I hope so.

9. I played in last Saturday's company badminton tournament. I had 4 games in the men's doubles class A division. We won 3 and lost 1. That sole loss was against our CEO partnered with an ex-badminton instructor turned Marketing Senior Manager. Not bad of a win-loss record considering I was able to hit our CEO with a smoldering shuttle off a smash to his chest. Hehe.

10. I really want to go back to the US. The February 3-week vacation was too short. I've been following/watching this HBO series called "Entourage" and I can't help but miss LA everytime the scene goes to a place were I've been.

11. If you need to think of a person who hasn't gone to Boracay, think of me.

12. The first real time I felt I was a hero: I was in 1st (or was it 2nd?) year high school and the neighbors and I were on the street playing a merged version of football/baseball. One of the long-kickers successfully made a home run when he kicked the ball that flew right onto a moving medium-sized truck. I ran as fast as I could to chase the non-stopping truck and climbed the back, got the ball, and went down at the next halting intersection. The other kids thought praised and clapped at the sight of me holding our precious plastic ball.

13. A close friend of the missus says this famous FM DJ is gay. Guess who.

14. I've watched that new ABSCBN gag show called Banana Split. Except for the beautiful Angelica Panganiban, it's not worth watching. The skits/jokes are not that funny. I'd rather watch Goin' Bulilit or Bubble Gang.

15. When will this bear market ever end?

16. I'd still want to go visit the Vatican someday. I'd probably be overwhelmed and welling with tears once I step inside St. Peter's basilica.

17. I've recently joined Facebook. Many say it's like Friendster without the jologs.

18. My motto: Work hard, play harder.

19. The company basketball tournament ended a few weeks back. We won 4 and lost 5. Thus we failed to crash into the semis again. Oh well, there's always next year.

20. I love my wife.

21. I love my two sons.

22. Ask the missus, this is one of the few discussions wherein I won. My parting shot was: Why is it that women always expect that if a guy takes them out for a date, the girl assumes that the guy likes him? Isn't it also possible that the guy is taking this girl out to see if he will eventually like him as his girlfriend? We (men) should have a right to choose, di ba? This argument of course is void if the guy's an ass and takes advantage of the girl leading her into something pointless. The guy should be blind-folded and be shot by a firing-squad.

23. My cubicle's view of the surrounding Ortigas, Pasig, Antipolo area is fantastic!!!

24. I've been envious of my classmates when I was in 3rd, 4th year high school. My family had barely enough back then to get us by and seeing my classmates had lunch-outs in McDo or having the latest Tretorn or K-Swiss shoes just left me wanting. I guess that's why today when I buy stuff I always want it to be the best. I hope I'll be a good provider to my family so that my children will have the best that life has to offer ---provided they have good grades.

25. I almost spent my college days as a DLSU Industrial Engineering student. My mom back then made me realize it wasn't going to be when she honestly pointed out, "You choose: you study at La Salle or we still get to eat 3x a day?" End of discussion.

26. Why is it that most companies here prefer graduates of UP, La Salle, or Ateneo? I think it's downright unfair. Refer to thought #25 for more details.

27. My boss' boss (who's an expat) usually takes mid-afternoon naps during office hours at the nearby hotel he's staying in. Yup, that's money well spent. NOT.

28. My favorite movie: Serendipity.

29. In 5 years I'll be forty. FORTY! Yikes!

30. My goal when I'm 60: happily retired and driving a BMW Roadster with the missus on a Sunday morning going to our Tagaytay resthouse overlooking Taal lake.

31. My dad was the main architect/designer for all the branches of the then-famous Coney Island Ice Cream. My favorite flavor was Bubble Gum.

32. I have only played poker 3 times and that was all with the missus' friends. I've always won the pot each time.

33. My boy's food preference in ascending order: rice, meat, soup, vegetables, and chocolate.

34. The missus and I still try to beat each other on who's the first to greet the other on every 17th of the month ---our monthsary.

35. I love my life.


Anonymous said...

Comments on...
# 33. Insert ICED TEA in between veggies and chocolate.

#7. Birthday ni chokie!!!

#25. Tanong ni Mommy sa akin: "Ateneo o UP??", Tanong kay Eiselle: "PNU o PNU?" Tanong kay Aisha: "Lancer o Kia?" Wehehe.


Anonymous said...

comment on #22: The reason for expecting: Why would you want to waste time with someone you don't really like? :)

But then again, where's that firing-squad? :P


Anonymous said...

Well I guess the guy's just using her as panakip-butas. :)

Anonymous said...

When a guy asks a girl out, yes he definitely likes her, she has potential. But like does not always lead to love. It shouldn't be understood that it will lead to me professing my love for her! Cant we change our minds if in the process we find out that its not what we want after all, we're not that compatible? Let's be fair, guys must be free to choose who they want to pursue based on the outcome of the dates, in the same manner that if a girl agrees to go out on a date with a guy, it doesnt follow that she will say YES to him when he proposes. We all have the right to decide what we think is best for us. I mean, kung yung mga matagal nang magkarelasyon na may commitment na e pwede pang makipagbreak ang isa, pwede magbago ang feelings, yun pa kayang asa getting-to-know-you stage palang diba? :) PEACE!