The Owa Dialect

You need to be well-versed with the Owa dialect if you're in a conversation with my mother-in-law. The word Owa was derived from the missus' niece when she was just learning to speak ---she tried to call her Lola but Owa came out instead. Thus the nick stuck with her 'til this day.

The Owa dialect is simply elongating a normal word with skee's, ong's, and what not's to make the sentence or phrase end with a comfortable tone at the end. It's very addictive mind you.

With the help of the missus, here's the Owa dialect as we know it today:

Okoy = O.K.

Basket = Baket. (example, "Ay basket???")

Goletstralaletskee = Let's Go

Of coursetamente = Of course

Ay shockdabolskee = ay shocks

Tongtong/Tongtongitis = short for "tongtong kulangot pastingbulala," or simply, it means skinny.

Bruhitik = Bruha

Doodle = also means skinny, derived from "yatpa-doodle-doo"

Plongkay = a girl having her 1st menstruation too early

Liliaskee = Lilia

Marioksee = Mario

Taweki = Rowena (don't ask me how it go to Taweki)

Boying = Boy

Mikotut = Miko

Patringgogo = Patricia

Cleopatrick = Clay

Lucas Pakaskas = her "coming soon" grandson

and my favorites:

Tiburcia = Tomboy sya. Tibo sya. Tiburcia.

Dulcisima Plandeskoy = Dulce Flandez, one of her loyal house-helpers.

Markong Debakongkong = Mark, her nephew.


breesmom said...

you forgot:

normalites - Norma the manicurista

GOMZ said...

hey there. got dizzy with those words. :D

was bloghoppin and i got intrigued by your blog title "left-handed mouse". I use a left-handed mouse, too!

daytripper said...

that's great to know, man! mabuhay ang mga kaliwete!

mommy-p said...

nickname lang ang tongtong. The full name is Tong Tong de Batongtong.