From Thomas to Optimus Prime

Time flies so fast. Last Saturday, Lucas turned 6. It seems only yesterday that he just came out from the missus' womb and I was cradling this tiny miracle in my arms.

I still remember that Friday 6 years ago. I was still working in Malaysia and the missus had to go back to Manila to give birth via scheduled C-section so that I can go home in time for the birth of my first born.

It was wonderful to experience welcoming Lucas to the world, even when I had to go back to Malaysia in tears since he had to be left in the hospital for a few more days due to an infection (which he later recovered from to our relief).

Two weeks later, I started working in Manila again and Lucas was a bundle of joy that I was honored to have witnessed growing up each day, each month, and each year.

His love for toys had matured from Barney, to Thomas the Train, and now Spongebob and The Transformers. He has mastered the art of drawing which the missus and I are always amazed as to what new he has drawn in his etch-a-sketch toy or in the scratch paper using pencil or pen.

He's very well behaved and can be very independent. I try to pray with him every night with his composed prayer:

Bless Mommy,
Bless Daddy,
Bless Lucas,
Bless Matteo

Bless God
Bless Jesus
Bless Mama Mary
Please don't let me have bad dreams
Take care of us
Please don't let me have bad dreams


Lucas, if you're able to read this years from now, your Mom and I want you to know that we're very very proud of you. We are very blessed to have you with us, experiencing your creativity, your laugh, and your love for us and your brother each and every day.

Happy 6th birthday!


Beautiful Bohol


My family and I stayed at this beautiful resort in Bohol last May 2012 for 3 days, 2 nights. The place was very relaxing. The room with its splash pool was so great that my boys preferred it over the main swimming pool next to the resort's restaurant (which came with a cool view).

The price of the food inside the resort is rather steep (as in most hotels) but you have the chance of eating elsewhere, particularly the long queue of restaurants along the shoreline which can be accessed from the Amorita's path to the beach.

The beach is clear and the sand is white which the family and I found to be quite ok.

I in particular had a great time roaming around the roads via the mountain bike free rental that the resort provided.


Bohol is quite organized in terms of its tourism. We were able to go to the following sights:

1. Chocolate Hills
2. Loboc River Cruise
3. Tarsier sighting
4. Man-made forest


Yup, going to Bohol is something that I'd highly recommend.