Rich Dad, Poor Dad

"The main reason people struggle financially is because they spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is, people learn to work for money... but never learn to have money work for them."
---Robert T. Kiyosaki

I've just finished reading the above book written by Robert Kiyosaki. I encourage you to read it as well since I found to be very helpful especially for those who intend to "get out of the Rat Race." A word of advice before read this book: you need to be open-minded.

Click here for the e-Book.

6mos after

It's been 6 months since I started my rice-reduction diet. My last update on this subject (June15 - "Break Even") had my weight pegged at 170lbs since I've strayed away on my plan.

3 months since June 15, I'm happy to inform you that I've lost 4lbs, bringing down my weight to 166lbs. So I've lost 10lbs since April. Yeah it's a little bit slow. Blame it on the Krispy Kreme and the Dunkin Donuts. But the good part is that lately my office pants seems to be a little loose, and the other week one of my staff greeted me with "Sir parang pumayat kayo." (naks!)

My "diet regimen" consists of the following:
  1. 20mins threadmill + 15-20mins weight training + 30 situps --> twice a week
  2. basketball during the office-sportsfest --> 5mins lang kase coach eh, hehe
  3. iwas merienda
  4. rice-reduction pag bfast/lunch (or pag naalala lang)
  5. consciously (read as: trying) to reduce the rice intake during dinner at home (except pag masarap ang ulam)
  6. pag naalala, punta sa office water-dispenser for half-mug of water
So it's not really a full-blown diet plan. Masarap kase kumaen eh so I'm just taking my time before I get there. "There" meaning my target weight of 152 lbs which is the top-end limit for normal BMI for my height.

My next short term goal: to drop down to 160lbs.