The Kris Aquino Complex

It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon when my fiction-writer sister coined the famous personality of this term after Kris, yet again, made the missus utter "Ay nako" after a segment in yesterday's The Buzz. The segment was about Toni Rose Gayda's son's untimely death and, amazingly as it may seem, Kris was able to link the subject to her own life ---yet again.

Curious to find a definition, I was surprised to find "The Kris Aquino Complex" well-described in the internet via a forum discussion as early as January 2008. And, I quote:

  • A psychosis, named after the second-rate actress
  • Attributed to disturbed and untalented people who have the need to be the focus of everyone's attention by dropping their two-cents worth on any hot issue, then proceeds to connect it to their life and go on bantering about themselves in public limelight
Such has been what the missus has been seeing every week of Kris. Along with Claudine Barretto, Kris Aquino is part of the missus' special circle whom she just loves to hate watching on the tube.

Yup, either you love her or hate her, you will find yourself unknowingly glued to the TV screen, awaiting for the next "famous" episode that will surely make her brother proud.


Peck, you're kidding, right?

I've been seeing this ad behind KingSam buses in EDSA for a few weeks now while driving home from work.

The poster reads:

Maawa po kayo sa Akin Iboto niyo si Cantal Pagka Pangulo ng Pilipinas Bata at Matanda Bibigyan ng Sampung Libo Bawat buwan at Habang Buhay

Hay buhay...


Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles

Friday lunch out had a good attendance from our department last week as we all convoyed to San Juan area near Wilson Street. Our destination was the Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodle restaurant where I had my lunch the day before.

I was coming in with less expectation since the lunch the day before in which I ordered Beef Dry Noodle didn't really live to my expectation: it was bland. The serving was plenty for P135.00 but still, I didn't quite get the taste. The pork dumplings, however, were simply amazing (P70.00 for 7 pieces).

The following day, Friday, I opted to give it another chance and ordered Shrimp Chow Mein (P160.00). This time it tasted better. Noodles were bountiful in the servings as well.

Verdict? Probably 7 out of 10. I asked my officemates who ate with me as well and their grades were either a 6 or a 7.

Still, I might not go back there anytime soon.



Since my boss was out of Manila and my boss' boss was out of the country, I decided to invite my officemates for a lunch-out in good ol' Tiendesitas.

Food is great, prices are reasonable. I highly recommend to go to Three Sisters since the grilled food there is proven to be delicious (our second time already).

Who says you can't have inihaw na liempo and isaw manok at the same time? Huh? Huh?!