Consequences of Eating Street Food

This Christmas is going to be well-remembered ---for the wrong reasons. I had forgotten all about Lucas' sensitivity to eating street food by mistakenly handing him a bite of street siomai and a sip of gulaman. The consequence was a "painful tummy" coupled with LBM these past few days (plus a trip to the ER), causing us not to enjoy Christmas Day to the full.

As the missus had said, street food nowadays is not as hygenic as it was when we were kids. The air, the water, it's just all different now so there should be extra care when purchasing food from street vendors.

He's doing a little better now except for occasional stomach pain. Hopefully he's all well tomorrow.

Hay, street food. Never again!


Kaya Natin Ito MTV

It must've started with We Are The World and Don't They Know It's Christmas Time. I'm such a sucker for collaborative songs like these.

The message DOES come across. Great job to all who contributed to this song. Galing!

You're right. Kaya natin ito!


World Vision

I got this from my inbox today. It's good to know that even on our own small way, somewhere in our country there's this one kid that my family is helping financially to fulfill her schooling.

Truly, it's better to give than to receive.

World Vision website is here in case you're interested.


12.11.2009 - Random Thoughts

I've just redecorated my blog layout. Like it? I hope so.


The new condo's 99% done except for some minor stuff. We'll probably have our first weekend overnight stay there next week.


I'm writing this post around 4am. Yup, nightwork again. Company's pushing for a lot of upgrades just before the Christmas holidays so that means some of the work needs my supervision. Hopefully this morning's work (2 actually) is all successful.


One of my top people is leaving this month. Pirated by another local company. Sigh...I guess that's life. I know my team will cope eventually but it's the transition that's going to be hard.


Matteo's gonna turn 1 next month. Wow, time sure flies fast!



Rank 800+?!?!?!

It's been a while since I blogged here at LHM. Much of the fault has been due to my current passion which is running. Then, there's Facebook, an easier way to "micro-blog," if there was such a term.

The result? An 800+ (and dropping) rank in Topblogs.ph. Before my LHM hiatus, I was in the top 200.

Hmmm, I better start posting here again. My "fans" might be missing me. Hehe.