Feeling It

At age 39, I have come to confirm/realize that my body is not the way it used to be. As an athletic person who's into running, cycling, basketball, and recently, a resurrected football "career," my body is showing signs that is telling me to slow down or, worse, retire from contact sports.

Two and a half weeks ago I had a bad mid air collision with a team mate, nonetheless, during a pick-up basketball game with our department team. I got hit in the ribs so hard that it took me forever to recover from it. Today, there's still about 20-30% of the pain there, especially when I wake up in the morning. If this happened to me 10 or 15 years ago, I would probably shrug it off as just a minor injury. But I guess Father Time had other plans. I guess I will have to quit the basketball entirely, and limit myself to just watching it from the tube.

Over eating, another one of my favorite "sports," has started to take a backseat since 2012 as I have been (very) conscious of my weight. Started at 175lbs in 2009, I'm now at 157lbs, even reached 155lbs during my marathon training last year, although I'm still 10lbs away from the upper normal BMI limit. The battle has been tough, especially with KFC, Dairy Queen, and Burger King just a few minutes' walk from my office.

I accidentally(?) went on an eating binge last Wed night with my officemates and ex-officemates at Yabu, a hit Japanese resto located at a mall near my house. The unli rice and salad was very inviting and I mixed all the possible salad sauces (all three!) and loved (loved!) their signature Tonkatsu 90g. The unli Iced Tea was there to push everything into my 39 year old digestive system as well.

The result? Since Thursday morning up to today (Monday), I've not been well. I have now become well versed when it comes to the use of Diatabs and Imodium, and the importance of rehydration.

Yes, I am now LeBroM James.

Now, just the thought of the Yabu food I (over) ate makes me want to vomit.

I hope the situation improves before Wednesday since that is my first executive checkup. I hate to see myself running around the hospital looking for toilets once in a while as this may make the whole checkup thing longer. Stool samples will be a challenge as well. I think they won't allow liquid stool samples. Ugh, just the thought of it makes me puke.

After this whole LeBroM situation improves, I hope my mind finally gets it that my body is not its 18 year old football playin' extra-rice-eatin' self anymore. I have to adjust my expectation towards sports and food so that I can have a healthier body.

Besides, I'm more of a Kobe fan.