The Hangover

Funny! You should watch it!


FHM Party 2009

To my bestman RS who's migrating to New Zealand this month, these pics are for you.

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Sayang, hindi ka na namen makakasama ni Berto and Oliver sa mga mala-ganitong event. Anyway, marami namang tupa at baka sa NZ.


Kris Aquino's Eulogy

This made tears roll down my face. It's a reminder that not only Tita Cory was our President, but she was a mother, a pillar of hope and strength for her children.


Weight Loss Update: The Verdict

After taking up running last March and eating oatmeal-only weekday dinners, I've finally decided to have my blood tested for lipid profile yesterday. I've given it 4 months as recommended by my highschool batchmate who's a doctor to take the said test after all the hard work has been put in to see my progress.

Well, after 4 months, here's my blood test results:

All have improved! WOW! Tenkyu LORD!!!!

As you can see, dramatic improvements in my cholesterol, LDL, and Triglycerides although the cholesterol still needs tweaking.

The only issue with this is that since my employer had to change health-companies this year, the interpretation of the normal range for these tests differ from one laboratory to another. Only the cholesterol normal-range is the same for both labs. Thus, I can't really say if my HDL had improved since if I use the Medicard's normal-range, I'm still low on good cholesterol.

But still, it's a big improvement. Moreover that I've lost 11 lbs since January. The loss actually accelerated sometime March when I started running so I strongly believe that it has greatly helped (coupled with the missus' imposed oatmeal-only weekday dinners) in my weight loss goal.

It's still a long way until I reach 152 lbs ---my ideal weight to reach normal BMI for my height. I hope to achieve it by end of this year in time for EG's biggest-loser contest final weigh-in.

Yup, I'm still gunning for that Zoom Kobe IV prize for the biggest loser. :)


I Love You Man (2009)

Nice movie. Ganda ni Rashida Jones.