Simon says...Carrie!

I can't deny that I've been keeping myself updated with American Idol this year. This was due to the rockers that have managed to enter the competition (Bo and Constantine). They have livened up the stage in their own unique way. It was like a posh tea-party being invaded by a horde of rock-fans kicking and screaming (but in-tune, mind you). "Let's see how America deals with this!" I laughed.

Not surprisingly, Bo was in the final thanks to the legions of rockers and band-lovers in the US. I can picture those crazed Metallica and Aerosmith fans jumping for their phones to vote for Bo, their fellow rocker.

But, as I told the missus, if I were to base my vote on the final performance, Bo didn't make the cut on my book. Add to that Simon Cowell's convincing comments that he wasn't his usual self (no kiddo, he wasn't using reverse psychology. Brutal honesty is more like it). Although he's my favorite, it was a low-night for Bo. Stage-fright on the enormous Kodak Theater, perhaps? Or was it food-poisoning as the missus read on one AI-forum?

So I guess you knew who won this year. I believe that Simon's comments hold water. No matter how loud the booing is during the show, I still feel that his comments really influence the voting public THAT THINKS. Yeah yeah there are those people that no matter what the performance, their loyalties prevail (yes, this is true even in politics). But note that there are also the "thinking-voters." The people that really listens to the performance and not to the volume of the clapping and the shouting. Simon just has the knack of expressing these voters' thoughts in his usual English-humor way ---sadly to Bo's direction. Frankly, the vote may have been decided by the "swing-votes" influenced by Simon (assuming that the 2% difference between Bo and Carrie from the last episode was true).

Honestly? Even though he's my favorite, I didn't want Bo to win anyway. Pardon my Randy-Jackson imitation, but, he's a rocker, douuug. He doesn't need all that fame. It will just corrupt him. I just hope that a decent record-label signs him up in the future and let him play good music ---rock music, that is. Who knows, maybe in a few months' time he'll be releasing his new album....with his new band in tow.

Well, Malaysian Idol is coming up this Friday. Naaah I just watch the auditions. William Hung is like Frank Sinatra compared to these guys. This is gonna be hilarious!



“That [this] is what marriage really means:
helping one another to reach the full status of being persons,
responsible and autonomous beings who do not run away from life.”

--Paul Tournier

You have been a shining example of what marriage is. The past 33 years of your being together have been a mixture of sacrifice, laughter, prayer, passion, and love for your children. In this day and age of divorces, annulments, and domestic violence, you have risen as the elite handful of couples who have not only stayed together, but stayed loving each other.

We strongly admire the sacrifices you’ve made to keep our family intact. Those times when you had to stay late to finish work or when you had to sell the car so that we can have the money to pay for our schooling. This has taught us to respect the value for money earned, exert effort in studying, and being obedient children.

We recall all the countless Sunday Masses, October Rosaries, and prayer-before-meals that you have instilled on us to participate. Your love for God has taught us to practice and live our faith, and to always trust in God during our most trying times.

You have filled our family with joy. You never seize to amaze us when you smile or laugh at our petty-quarrels or clumsiness. You have taught us to always look at the lighter-side of things. That life cannot be faced by over-analyzing but by looking at it straight in the eye and laugh the worries away.

We can never doubt your love for each other. Even when there were times that one got sorely irritated by the other, we’d always know that you always seem to find your way embracing each other. Your love is simply admirable that it has overflowed to us, your children.

We will never forget the times you have really been t-h-e-r-e for us, being on our side even when the world was unfair or when fate was cruel. You have always been there during our victories, be it small or big, and asked for nothing in return.

For all the years of sacrifice, prayer, laughter, and love, we are forever grateful for letting us be a witness to your marriage. As you have added another year into your wedded-life, we hope and pray that we too may be able to experience that same love and caring you have for each other.


*For my Mom & Dad's 33rd anniversary on May 21, 2005


Pinoys on Ice?

The World Ice Hockey 5's Championships were held last week in a popular mall here in Malaysia. My wife and I chanced upon knowing this during one of our 'dates' to the mall that included a route to Genki Sushi, Baskin & Robbins, and then off to the weekly groceries.

Seeing the Philippine-flag at the backdrop of the ice-rink made me think that there might be a possibility that there were Pinoys in this tourney. Have all the endless nights firing hockey pucks at SM Megamall paid off?

I remember that ice-skating rink in SM Megamall with fond memories. That of my butt hitting the ice-cold floor. Ah yes....my first and LAST attempt at ice-skating.

I guess it did pay off. Simply called "Manila," there was indeed a Philippine contingent. They were comprised of young teens (I guess mostly from well-off families) with hockey-gear in tow. We managed to come across these guys after their 7-0 win against Malaysia under the Pee-Wee division. They said they were looking for sponsors going to this tourney but due to the sad state of Philippine sports, the economy, and rich selfish bastards, they had to come up with the expenses out of their own pockets.

The Pee-Wee team managed to reach the finals last Saturday. All the hard work paid off when the buzzer sounded with a pulsating 11-2 trashing of Singapore.

I wish good teams like these represent our country. It's just sad that they don't get much exposure due to lack of financial support. Hopefully team "Manila" gets the sponsors that they need to join such tournaments in the future.

As for me, I'll stick to the ground and not the ice, thank you.