My CC's been hacked!!!

It was a good thing I checked my credit card statement this morning. I found the following unauthorized transactions:

11/27 TRENDS DEPOT 613-9076945 CA PHP 20,332.87 USD 459.00

11/09 BODYBUILDING 208-377-9994 US PHP 3,847.93 USD 86.97

11/08 AMERICANAS COM OSASCO BR PHP 6,763.47 R$ 261.95

I think the hack happened while I may have been making other transactions online. The hacker made purchases in Brazil, US, and Canada online amounting to almost 31 thousand pesos!

I called up my credit card company immediately to notify them of the fraud. They've processed the above transactions for dispute (and hopefully to be refunded) and have blocked my credit card for replacement.

Whew! That was a close call!

Take care when transacting online.

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Will said...

And that was 2007?!
I just learned yesterday that someone used my credit card details. I googled one of the transaction descriptions and got linked to your post. Any hints for me who hacked? Or what happended to you in terms of refund etc.?

daytripper1021 said...

Citibank was able to cancel the said fraud transactions. If I recall correctly, I just called up their hotline and explained that I didn't made those transactions. Then they asked me to send a letter to them explaining it in detail.

After that, it was ok. They canceled it. :)

I think they already have records of similar complaints so they easily acknowledged my concern.

Anonymous said...

BODYBUILDING.COM 208-377-9994 Oh MY Goodness! This just happened to me too. They charged $22.98 US to my CC. I'm on the phone now with capital one disputing these charges. I had already cancelled my card over a week ago (after amazon alerted me of someone opening an account with the same cc and ordering stuff) but it seems this charged slipped through under the radar. I think online crooks are on the rise and we have to be so careful about ordering online.

Laura said...

I just got my credit card bill and there was a 70 dollar charge for some body building site or magazine. I found this blog when I googled the phone number the credit card company gave me.

daytripper1021 said...

@laura, tsk tsk. 3 years have passed and these crooks are still at it. they need to be stopped! but how?! :(

hope your credit card company refunds the transaction.

thanks for dropping by.

Laura said...

You'd think they would have been able to stop them. I wonder how many people they have scammed in 3 years. Did you ever get your money back?

daytripper1021 said...

@laura, fortunately I got my money back when I complained 2007. Citibank may have had previous complaints of similar transactions so they were able to clear it.

btw, I took initiative to talk to a customer-rep from bodybuilding.com just now via chat on their website. here's the transcription:

Zach W: Thanks for visiting Bodybuilding.com. My name is Zen Master Zach. How can I help you today?

DT: zach. in 2007 i posted on my blog suspicious credit card purchases that I didn't make. one of which was from bodybuilding.com. good thing my credit card company refunded the fraudulent purchases. that was 2007. but I'm still getting comments from that blogpost that they're also experiencing similar fraud transactions, bodybuilding.com included. pls escalate this to your superiors/management so that they're aware.

DT: my blogpost is here: http://lefthandedmouse.blogspot.com/2007/12/my-ccs-been-hacked.html

Zach W: ok I will definitely have this sent over

Zach W: it's incredibly hard to stop all credit card fraud but we are doing our best

roelle punsalan: yup but it would still be good to let your management know that this is still happening. hope you can catch the culprit.

Zach W: yes I will have this sent to them

DT: that is all. thanks zach. do leave a comment on my blogpost if there's any finding.

Laura said...

I'm waiting to hear back from the credit card company. You?

Anonymous said...

My Citibank just got used for about $200. I called Citibank and they sent me to bodybuilding.com who said everything would be taken off.

Where is all this muscle juice going? Or is bodybuilding.com the one that is committing the fraud? You would think they are losing lots of money if they keep on sending out merchandise.

LPeters said...

12/6/12 - I checked my cc statement today and found 4 charges from bodybuilding.com, all ~$200. Called Capital One and they noticed 3 more since my statement, up to $257. A total of seven charges in an 8-day period, totalling more than $1500. Had to cancel my card, 2-1/2 weeks before Christmas. Not very convenient!!! Bodybuilding.com should really look into this on their own...

flitzanu said...

is it strange seeing old posts get so many new hits? :)

just had the same thing happen to me on 12/4. through phone calls i was told it will be sorted and refunded.

daytripper1021 said...

LPeters/flitzanu, hope all goes well with the refunding. Man, 5yrs have passed and it's still happening. They havent impoved or thoroughly secured their online payment processing. Tsk tsk....

Jctn said...

We just had two ~$200 pop up from bodybuilding.com

It seems to be a case of drop shipping from what I've read. After someone steals your CC#, they create a post on eBay for bodybuilding supplies. When someone wins the bid, the person with your stolen CC# places an order with bodybuilding.com and has it delivered to the winner. The winner sends the seller ~$200 through PayPal. If the victim catches the charge, bodybuilding.com loses out when the chargeback lands.

It's a pain because who's to complain here? Our CC company caught the fraud and said not to worry, new card and CC# will be here tomorrow. I'm done. The winner received their product. They're done. The seller received ~$200. They're happy. Do you think eBay or PayPal care? Both of their customers are satisfied. Bodybuilding.com would be wise to slow down their shipping and work harder to verify purchases before sending out goods.

If they were to do that, the victim of theft may notice the fraudulent charge, contact their CC company, and the chargeback would drop before the item shipped. The winner would be angry because they sent the thief/seller ~$200 and received nothing. This would finally get Paypal and eBay to pay attention and shut down these fraudsters.

daytripper1021 said...

Whoa! It's June 2013 and this is STILL going on?!?!

Paging bodybuilding.com!!!

Anonymous said...

anddddd this just happened to me too. May 2014. Boom.

Anonymous said...

Yep May 2014 and we think we have been stung 6 times over the past few months May 2014.

Anonymous said...

8/10/15 and this just happened again...from bodybuilding.com!!!

Anonymous said...

2016 and fraud charge from bodybuilding.com