Hello Palmville!

The missus has never experienced moving houses. She has lived all her life in their Spanish-style home in New Manila so our move to the new pad was quite an experience for her. Immediately after we told the agent that we're taking the unit, she was already thinking of what to move out first and then where to put what. She refers to it as "copy-pasting" our stuff to the new unit.

She has been wondering what the units in Palmville Resort Condo looks like. We had looked into several other condos prior to this but she didn't want to leave Sunway, or to be particular, Sunway Pyramid. She attests that it's her favorite mall ---anywhere in the world. If she had the chance to take anything back in Manila, she'd choose to shrink the said mall into her luggage. She finds it easy to walk around the mall and its Egyptian theme makes it more unique versus the other malls she's been.

After going thru 3 units shown by the agent, we chose a fully-furnished 3-bedroom unit on the 6th floor.

What we found lovely about this unit is that the balcony and bedrooms offer a great view of the surrounding areas, including a glimpse of the KL tower and half of the Petronas Towers. The missus has learned to appreciate the new view compared to the "still life" background of our former home as her a.m. and p.m. siestas are interrupted by the splendid view. Here's the master's bedroom (king-sized bed baby yeah).

I guess God agrees as we saw a rainbow welcoming us on the balcony-view during our first 24 hours here.

The unit comes with 2 parking slots so I guess the car-cleaning gods won't rain on the car when it's newly washed. There's a convenience store on the 2nd floor, free-copies of the morning-newspaper at the main lobby (yes, free).

The poolside offers a panoramic-view of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and Pyramid Mall.

On the open grounds there's a children's playground, an adult and kiddie swimming pool, a jacuzzi...

...YES my friends, merong jacuzzi. We even tested out the pumps if it was in working condition and it didn't disappoint. Mental note: make tampisaw in the jacuzzi with the missus one of these days.

Palmville Resort Condo really lives up to its name as it emanates a resort-like environment to its residents, most of which are expats like myself. I have to admit that I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as I look around our new pad. I'd always let out a smirk as I often catch myself say, "Ang ganda naman ng bahay naten!"

The missus agrees. She could've never said it better: "this is where we belong!"


breesmom said...

Wow, looks like a really nice place. I wish we could go visit.

Pero teka, Pau, we moved from Cubao apartment, to small house on Maryland street, then a few months at Lolo Paq's house, while our real house was being built.

mommy-p said...

oo nga, pero wala namang paki yan sa ganun noon e.... ngayon, sya na in-charge.... nice place! wish my kids can see it, too.

daytripper said...

Naku naman wala pakong muwang nung cubao, as in no memory at all. Yung maryland, vague memory nalang. Asa new manila na tayo nung nagkamalay tayo, i think that was 1976, 3 yrs old ako. Sana nga makapunta kayo dito.


christie said...

WOW!!!! Pupunta na ako dyan sa SUMMER!!!!! Hehehe Bakasyon GRANDEH!