Burger Avenue

Since it's a slow office day today (yes, I have office today, Dec24 ---whole day), we all decided to have lunch-out originally at Soms(?) Thai Resto at Boni. Along the way, the first group arrived to find that the resto was closed so we had to go to another venue. We ended up at Burger Avenue in Makati.

The burgers are typical to that of Brothers, Hotshots, and JBJ. But what makes Burger Avenue unqiue is that it has its "Ridiculous Challenge."

The objective is to finish their Ridiculous Burger, a one-pounder, within 5 minutes. If you finish it in 5 minutes or less, you get to pay only the VAT. Otherwise, you have to pay P255.00.

Sounds easy right? But you have to see the burger first.

So two of my officemates tried it but, sadly, didn't win. But still, it's a great experience.

Me try? Naaah. That's too much for me.

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