Sulit nga ba ang Red Mobile?

Well all the hype on Red Mobile has been aimed at putting down Sun Cellular's Unlimited Call and Text product. Personally, I think Red might go down the same way Addict Mobile went ---the garbage bin.

The downfall? Red Mobile requires a 3G phone. These phones are the high-end types which most of the B and C classes cannot afford. The B and C classes are what you need in order for your network to establish a "community" ---something which Globe/Smart/Sun already have. Further, the rates calling/texting outside the Red network is expensive (P6.50 for calls, P1.00 for text) so the P0.50 rate is Red-to-Red only. That's why it's really important to read the fine print first.

Need more proof? Here's a review from another blogger who got a replacement Red Mobile sim for his Cure sim.

So, sulit nga ba ang Red? :-)


R said...

i've also got my Red mobile sim... as a replacement for my dead umobile sim... but i haven't use it yet... i would still need a new phone to use it... as i would not take my Globe sim off my 3G phone =P

daytripper said...

Oh, see!