Weight Loss Update: No thanks to Beer and Liempo

I think I have to set a short-term weight-loss goal. The 152lbs target weight seems to impossible at this point. Whenever I seem to be on a roll, the weekend is suddenly there like a table full of freshly-cooked rice and inihaw na Monterey liempo. The liempo is thinly sliced in such a way that the fatty part tastes so crispy and juicy when accompanied by a spoonful of rice. A sip of regular Coke will just take your breath away. The superbness of the liempo's taste just overwhelms the guilt that you'll only feel the next day when you tip the scales.

Monday evening didn't help as well since I had a drinking/pulutan spree at V8 Baresto courtesy of birthday-boy RC, who had just stopped courting a girl after their 2nd date proved too much for him. He said "she'd always put herself down," something that RC doesn't need at his current pre-mid-age crisis. There are many other fish in the sea, we told him. He just sipped his beer and continued on to the next topic: reminiscing our college days.

Anyway, the subzero/below-zero(?) frozen SanMig Light was a delight since I'm not really a beer-drinker myself. Normally I'd only finish a bottle since I find the taste so bland especially when the coldness drifts away. The beer served in V8 tasted well up to the last sip, making me finish 2.75 bottles that night (and a mountainful of pulutan).

The end result? I weighed 174.2lbs Tuesday morning.


Well I got back into perspective the next few days and ran 5km this morning on the treadmill and almost (almost!) beat my Condura Run time of 33:50 by almost a minute (34:46). I hope to be below my current record by Sunday morning's run.

After that run, I now weighed 173.8lbs. I'm back on course. Thank God!!!

Short term goal short term goal short term goal....

Ok here we go. I'll target to reach the (impossible) weight of 170lbs before Easter. A lot of holidays next week so that'll give me enough opportunity to run in the mornings without pressure of being late for work.

Wish me luck!!!

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