Back To The Beach (Day18)

It’s been quite a big effort on changing my eating habits for the past 18 days. I can only count around less than five occassions when I had a cup of rice for lunch or dinner. My meals were basically ham and low-fat cheese sandwiches, canned-soup, salads, fried fish, and 3-in-1 packs of oatmeal, and apple juice. Add to that the occassional wantan mee dry noodles, diet coke, kitkat, and about 2 packs of cheese-rings. Oh, of course, there was the slaughter of 12 choco-mallows to boot.

Our inexpensive weighing scale has somehow been cooperative, indicating a loss of 8 pounds in 18 days. That loss doesn’t really show since I still notice my love-handles and my beer junk-food belly greeting me at the mirror. I’m undeterred about it so I still try to exercise thirty-minutes a day, thrice a week.

We finally had our formal training for one of the new systems that came in 2 months ago. Our trainor, named Frank, was from California. He looked like he was in his 50’s. We had a casual conversation while we were waiting for the test-server to finish the installation.

He knew I was Filipino even if I didn’t mention it. Hmmm…. Maybe my cool, cable-tv english-spokening accent gave it away.

Well anyway, we somehow arrived on the topic of dieting (I guess it’s something Californian). He mentioned that he was overweight sometime ago but he was able to lose 30-lbs in 3 years. Yup I agree with what you’re thinking. “Why did it take that long to lose 30-lbs?”

He mentioned that his diet was done gradually. What he did, as he so aptly put it, was a ‘change of lifestyle.’ He stopped eating junk food (McD’s included) and gradually changed the way he was eating. He was also religious in his daily-exercise, at least one hour a day.

It really helps when you get to talk to someone about common interests, in this case, losing weight. It has somehow inspired me on continuing this ---whatever it is. If I do go down to my ideal weight, sooner or later I’ll be flying back home. Next thing you know, it’s the Holidays, and the dieting cycle starts again.

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