Don't you have those times when you said to yourself you'll never do it again, but still you do? And, as you're done with it, you only have yourself to blame for the repercussions.

For me, it's the subject of horror films. I've never been a fan of watching horror shows/films. I recall when I was a kid, the first time I got scared was when I watched a tv-documentary on Jack The Ripper. I had sleepless nights just thinking about it. I promised myself I'll never watch another horror flick again.

Then came Ring-O.

Ohhh man! It was damn scary. My kid sister recommended that I should watch it. The missus, my girlfriend at the time, swore that I had one of the loudest screams in the cinema (Greenbelt-3 pa naman yun). Yeah it wasn't really one of my "knight in shining armor" moments. Knowing that my then-gf lived near Balete Drive was not a comforting thought either. After I drop her off I would hit the gas on the way home via Balete Drive, not looking at my rear view mirror, afraid that Manang would be waving from behind the rear-seat, hitching a ride to Cubao.

I said to myself that I have to cure this. So I bought a VCD of "The Eye" on coming home to Manila. Yup it was another recommendation by my kid sister (dang! does she get a high on watching horror flicks?). I watched the movie with her, but I was only able to finish the 1st scene. I told her kindly, "Putek ayoko na! Manood na lang tayo ng TV-patrol!"

You have to be amazed at the evolution of horror films these days, specifically those from Asia. Except for the depressingly funny Feng Shui, the success of Ring-O has been honoured by The Eye, Sigaw, and lately, The Maid.

Oh yeah I watched The Maid. It's a Singapore film that starred our very own Alessandra De Rossi. I didn't know much about the film but when I saw that it starred a Filipina actress, I knew the missus would like it since she misses Philippine Showbiz. The film description stated it was of the "horror" genre but I was not deterred since I knew that I've gotten over my fear since I last watched Sigaw last December.

Needless to say that I was covering my eyes and scared outta my mind like a sissy-boy on most scenes of the entire film. Yup, it was damn scary. I think I even had trouble sleeping that night, afraid that Ah-Soon (one of the characters there) would creep up and pull my legs down to hell.

To my kid sister: yes you better watch it if it's showing near you. You'll definitely gonna love it so much that you'll want to sleep in Mom & Dad's room for the next few days.

What? Not showing there? Don't worry. I'll buy you the VCD-version for Christmas. Hehehe.


reevers said...

very tempted to say "bakla!!!" then I remembered this was Ponzi's blog, and not Pedro's.

Have you seen The Exorcist? The original one?

Now THAT is a scary movie!

daytripper said...

Yeah I saw that one too. Scary yes, but no trauma inflicted. Hehe.