On the way to church for Sunday Mass earlier, I plugged in our American-Idol 2005 collection in the CD-player. We were able to download most of the video-files from a website and put most of it on CD for driving-enjoyment. It was really for the missus since she's a big Bo fan.

Well as Bo's "Time In A Bottle" played, I as usual, sang with it. I am convinced that I sound like Bo, much to the despair of the missus since I seem to have desecrated her crush. Anyway the song was ending so I went:

"if I....could spend time....in a bottle..."

Ano sabi mo?

Spend time in a bottle.

(laughs) Mali!!!! Save time in a bottle yun ah! Spend time in a bottle pala ah! (laughs)

continuous laughter)

Then thoughts of a future MTV of Bo Bice trapped in an empty Johnny Walker bottle were circling my brain. I guess it went worse on our way home after dinner at KLCC:

("The Way" by Fastball playing on the FM radio)

Yang kanta na yan parang lumang style ano? Parang yung mga kinakanta pag may nagiinuman sa kanto nuong araw?

Onga parang yung Delilah.

Avoiding the obvious, I instantly replied with the song-title:

Ah oo yung "Why why why why Delilah?"

(2 seconds of silent assessment)

(continuous laughter again)

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