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It was hectic at work last week so tried as I did, I never had a chance to blog. That is of course, say for one piece of good news. Nope I'm not gonna say anything yet but it will come soon enough. Just view my blog site in the next couple of weeks for it. So for those of you who know about it, just "zip it" for the meantime until I tell you so. ;-)


I'm finally getting into the thick of things in terms of work. Last week had two major holidays clashing so I had to be on-site most of the time due to some outages resulting from high-load. I have to admit that I love getting into the system, running scripts, analyzing technical faults, etc. but one week on standby-duty is enough for me. Hey I'm a manager! It's time to focus my energies from system-management to people-management. My "peeps" are already back from their holiday so it's time for them to "haul-ass" in work and for me to start, well, managing them.


After our Vietnam trip, we got an urgent memo from our condo-security that there has been a spat of minor robberies recently. We went to the homeowners-meeting and discovered that due to poor security, there were a few units that were broken into, mostly the 4th and 5th floor units. This shocked me and the missus coz our unit is on the 4th floor. We initially thought that since our unit was on a high-floor, we should not be worried. But after the meeting, the missus and I were already thinking of moving somewhere else.

So we called up several condos-to-let. Yes it's called TO-LET here instead of TO-RENT. Must be a British influence. Since I only have until April to work here, the most that we can stay on a new apartment is 6-months max. Unfortunately most of the sales-agents said the owners renting out the units prefer 1-year minimum. So the least we could do now is stay at our "safe" apartment and maybe move to a trendier (posh?) service-apartment by March.

Anyway I've set up "high-tech" burglar alarms on all the living room and kitchen doors during the night, i.e. pots and pot-covers hanging from the door handles. It's actually an effective deterrent against burglars as proven by my Dad. The burglar tries to open the door and when he does, KAPLAAANG! The pots emanate a medium-frequency clang that alerts both the household and the burglar thus preventing the crime. O ha o ha! Well I've been in the unit for almost 3 years now and, knock-on-wood, I haven't had any untoward incident. Hopefully it stays that way until we leave.


I remember when I weighed in last December 2004 for my medical-checkup, I was at 80kgs. After all the "attempt" to diet, exercise, badminton, futsal, and what not, I'm very happy to inform you that I weighed in a hospital-scale last week to find out that I AM STILL at 80kgs! Crap!!!! ARRRRGHHH!

I think when I go home later I'll throw our home weighing-scale (who's a f*cking liar) out the window.

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