Relief Goods

Here's a list of goodies we brought back from Manila:

Flat-Tops Chocolates (100pcs)

SkyFlakes (2 bags containing 20 bags each) ---bilin ni boss' boss, a Malaysian who used to work in Manila

Choc-Nut (48 pcs) ---pasalubong for my officemates; turns out there's an exact equivalent here in Malaysia



Clover Chips


Spanish Sardines in can

Spanish Sardines na naka-garapon

Corned Beef

Sisig in Can

Sinigang Mix

Of course there are the other stuff: Safeguard, Closeup, Divisoria clothes, paper-stem cottonbuds, atbp.

Ahh yes, there are some things you can never leave home without.

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breesmom said...

inggit ako. Masarap ba yung sisig in a can?