Bullet-proof (The Return)

Back from my 2D/1N trip from Singapore, I have returned to my office-cube this morning browsing my 150+ unread emails when I saw a bald-headed guy walking past my place. It was AP.

Yes folks he has returned from his Philippine-trip and I was excited to hear his feedback. So I called him and immediately started my "interview."

"So how was your trip?"

"It was great man! The people are soooo nice, warm and welcoming. Everywhere we go we would get a pleasant greeting. Like when I enter a store the guards would open the door and say 'Hi Sir! Hi Mam!' and when we pass by a stall with a saleslady we would hear 'Hi Sir! Hi Mam!'"

"We also went to Greenbelt like you recommended. We watched Capote and it was sooo much better than watching it from here (Malaysia). The theater was big and the slope of the rows was not as inclined as here."

"I see that the young people there are really fashion-minded."

"You mean vain?" I smirked.

"No not really. Compared to the young people I see in KL, they have a keen sense of style. The people look cool."

"So how about the food?"

"Man! There's no chili!" (Anyone who's been in Malaysia will observe that many Malaysians prefer chili to be with every meal ---similar to the famed patis in the Filipino dining experience.)

"But man, Pizzahut was soooo (with two joined fingers on his lips) SUPERB! It has pork man!!! Wooow! (Since Malaysia is mostly populated with Muslims, most of the restaurants here don't serve pork)."

"So that's why you (and the missus) always go for Bah-Kut-Teh (a sumptuous 'ugat-tasting' Chinese pork dish)!"

Asked if they went to another of my recommended restos, Jollibee, in which I mentioned that it was the only resto that McDo hasn't beaten: "Oh man....the burgers in Jollibee....man...they tasted sooo great! Superb man!"

Yup, AP was in pork-heaven.

"So how do sum up the whole trip?"

"Well I'm a simple person man. What's important to me is how the people are. The people in Cambodia, Bangkok, and Manila are so warm and welcoming. Among the 3, I would rank the people in Manila as the best of all (naks)."

I guess AP and his fiancee had a good time. If he were alone and stayed in a hotel in Ermita, he might've had a better time, hehe. He's off to Phuket in 2 weeks ---much to his relief since there not much places for his fiancee to shop around so he'll have most of the time to relax by the beach.


I suddenly missed Jollibee.

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Ella said...

Hi Roelle and Pauline, what can you say about this blog by an American against Jollibee? http://www.pamie.com/archives/pamie/open_up_and_say.html

And then a Filipina answered her:


I'm abstaining against strongly-worded entries in my blog so I didn't write my own reply. Though I badly wanted to!