Why you should wear a seatbelt

The first car I considered "my own" ---despite the money coming from my Mom--- was Gondola. The missus, then my gf, christened it with that name. It was a classic 2-door 1979 sky-blue Opel Manta with 2.0L engine. The LTO issued a law for all vehicles to be installed with seatbelts so in the interest of cost-saving my Dad was able to install these low-class type seatbelts wherein the only purpose is just "for show" if in case I get flagged down by the MMDA.

Several months after I sold it for P30,000 last 2001, my Dad and I read a news article mentioning a "1979 blue Opel Manta" being involved in an accident along the EDSA underpass southbound just after Ayala Avenue. I'm afraid that was my Gondola.

I hope the guy involved in the accident was unhurt, unlike the unlucky chap in this video who should've considered wearing his seatbelt ---low-class or not.

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