Morning Juice

"Anong gusto mong palaman?"

The missus would always ask the same question every weekday when I'm about to go to work. She has been making me baon every morning, i.e. toast-bread and fruit juice, ever since we got married (Yes, it's one of those little things that make me love her more).

The palaman rotation is chosen between cheese-whiz, peanut butter, kaya spread, and butter. Lately it's the cheese-whiz that gets my vote since it's a freshly-opened stock from the padala brought by our houseguests. The way the spreadable concoction reaches my finger tips when it climbs out of the two pieces of bread when the missus gives a generous helping is heavenly. Add to that driving at 60-80kmh, it's my typical start of the working day.

I've had a taste of Orange and then Apple as my morning juice. Needless to say that my being adventurous required that I try something new. Our last trip to the grocery saw me looking at the juice-row again, glancing at this somewhat intriguing flavor by Marigold:

Carrot and Mixed Fruit juice.

Rewind to my post-college days. I was amazed at this new kitchen gadget that Mom had bought recently: a blender. Just seeing all those fruits getting crushed with ice and converted to a smoothie health-drink made me want to blend my own concotions myself ---just like Tom Cruise in "Cocktail." I was able to come up with the following esfesyal summer-drinks:

1. coconut
2. avocado
3. and carrot-pineapple

Fast-forward to last week, the Carrot and Mixed Fruit juice found its way to our fridge.

The following morning was time to try out the new drink. The missus had put the same proportion to my empty 500ml water-mineral bottle. I was excited to find out how this new juice was going to taste. I left the house at 9am.

9:30am. The trip to the office is just over 10minutes so the missus was wondering why I haven't sent her an sms-update. She grabbed her phone and sent:

"So how's your new juice taste like?"

Here was my reply, in verbatim:

"Lasang carrot juice na tinapunan ng pritong isda."

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breesmom said...

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sandwich spread
cheese pimiento
guava jelly
matamis na bao

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