On Faith

So you're not watching DVC huh? Me neither but for a different reason.

Actually, I'm just postponing my personal screening of it since the missus would like to watch it with me. I've read the book so just the thought of watching the characters come to life on the screen excites me. Thus the missus would like to see how excited I will be as each scene unfolds, like a kid watching Ice Age 2 (Well, I think I was like a kid when we watched Ice Age 2. Eyes wide open, jaw-dropped and laughing hard as the next guy. Hehe).

Soon, I can be one of those who'd say, "Ay, mas maganda yung libro" as what most said about those Harry Potter and Jack Ryan films.

Yes I'm one of the rare few who has 20/20 vision because I haven't been reading novels as often as you. It's just that I was intrigued by DVC when I heard about it, so I read it. A page-turner indeed (I believe I have made a blog on it previously).

So until the DVD pirated copy circulates, I won't be watching it. But betyorbotomdolar that I'll be watching it.

So how about you? Why haven't you watched it? It's just fiction dude, or as PBB had popularized, it's just fiction dod. Relaaaax....wachamuvi.

Oh, so you're afraid that all of Dan Brown's ideas may shake your beliefs? Like these fellas from a pic I found in the Inquirer?

I'll let Matthew end today's blog:

"....You of little faith...why did you doubt?" ---Matthew 14:31


N said...

it's not about faith

from another blog:
"Why would you watch and pay for a movie that completely insulted Jesus?"
"What if a movie about your mother is made, then it insults your mother, and you know it's not true, would you still pay for it and watch habang alam mong iniinsulto na ang nanay mo?"

daytripper said...

Well, I think I should still see it para malaman ko kung binastos nga. If I haven't watched it, why should I conclude such things? Malay mo iba ang film version sa book version. ;)

Basta ako, after I've read the book, it didn't affect my faith in any way other than it strengthened it more. :)

breesmom said...

I just saw the movie a couple of hours ago. I found the movie entertaining, but definitely the book is sooo much better (and complete).

It's pure fiction. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Yup...Pure fiction nga.. :)

At sinik itik na nagcopy-paste ng paragraph from my blog? hehehe