Being left out

Imagine yourself walking into the office on a Monday morning to find out that all your work-buddies, the guys you always go out with during lunch break all these years, are gone. This is because they realized that staying in the same company for soooo many years has not helped in lifting their careers. And, more importantly, that they have been invited to work for another company, except you. One by one, they have all decided to jump ship. Unfortunately, you had been left out like a kid who's not been invited to your rich neighbor's birthday party. They're all there on the greener side of the fence while you are left to continue the same boring work with your ultra-scrutinizing boss flying around like a vulture on a dying camel.

I feel that such is the dreadful scenario that AD is feeling right now. He has not communicated this to me verbally, but, I've sensed it for having known him all these years. He showed me a Jobstreet-ad that he said he wanted to apply. He even popped another window showing his CV, and then another window showing his cover letter. All for show perhaps? Just so he can say to the world that, "Hey! I am leaving this piece of shit too!"

It's quite sad actually. The thought of being left out seems too much for him to bear that he is trying hard to hide his depression.

In all my working years, I've learned that a person is only successful in job-hopping if he keeps his mouth shut about it. Spreading the word to all your colleagues that you hate your boss, this place, and you are going to this so-so company is just another way of letting out steam. All bark and no bite. I'm fairly certain that he will do nothing about it since he's afraid to move out of his comfort zone or, to put it more bluntly, no one has invited him to greener pastures.

I can remember 2 such cases in my previous work. A he and a she, they were always complaining about their sad state and said they are going to move to this or that company, or even work abroad.

As you may have guessed, they are still there, still wallowing.

I hope AD won't be the unfortunate 3rd.

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