Thierry Henry (pronounced as "ohn-ree") is hands-down one of the world's best football strikers today. He's the driving force of Arsenal (mah favorite football club), worrying the opposing team's defenses using his speed and deadly accuracy of the ball. A top striker and scorer, he's a definite asset to the club. He's been with Arsenal for quite some years already so the issue has been whether or not he will renew his contract with the club for a couple more years. He has kept mum on the subject, not giving the slightest hint if he will stay or go to Barcelona FC or another club. If Arsenal win the Champions League on the 17th, there could be a chance that he'll stay....or go.

Such is the fate of professional athletes, be it in football, basketball, etc. Age (and money, of course) is a deciding factor that makes players seek out other offers for a longer contract elsewhere. At age 27 or 28 most players who are in good form will already ask for a longer contract so that they are secured for the next couple of years even if they encounter injury. For if they wait 'til age 34, 32 or even 30, they might just end up in the lower leagues or worse, retiring prematurely.

I think most of that is going thru Henry's thoughts lately. If he moves, the Arsenal fans will definitely going to miss him for he has been greatly associated with the team for sometime. Of course the reverse is true. He will definitely miss playing in the English Premier League as well.

In a way, I find myself in the same situation as these football players every year as my contract ends. Not knowing if I'm going to be renewed, I am always on my toes to perform well and prove to my bosses that I'm deserving to stay here, my home for over 3 years now. Since I'm still here, I guess they like my work.

When the time comes for me to leave, I'm going to miss every inch of Malaysia that I've been in, every bite/sip of Malaysian food that my mouth has tasted, and especially the warm, friendly people that I've come across. I'm sure that my colleagues at work will definitely miss me too, for I know that they know that I've done well.

And just like Henry, I'm going to keep mum until the very last minute.

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