Unless you haven't been to Malaysia, you will not know what cendol (pronounced chen-dol) is. If you happen to take a holiday here, you HAVE to taste cendol, specifically this particular one from Subang Jaya. The missus and I absolutely LOVE this tasty dessert, especially after our Sunday Bah-Kuteh (a Chinese pork dish) which makes it a truly power combo meal. Along with Rojak (another delicious dish), you'll always expect a long queue from people of all walks of life ---whether you're driving a Proton or an Alfa Romeo.

What we've assessed to be the main ingredients are sticky sweet rice, kidney beans, covered with ground ice. It is then poured with a delectable helping of
arnibal and then topped with coconut+condensed milk with chewy green thingies.

As it is handed to you, you sit down by the sidewalk and mix it with a spoon. And then, under the summer beach-like weather, you take your first sip.


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