Shenzhen Log

It's 3am here in Shenzhen, China and I'm still not sleepy after a KTV session with my co-managers and staff. With the free broadband internet access in my hotel, why should I sleep early? Further, my trusty digicam has 40+ blanks left so I had to transfer the 90+ pics that I've taken so far to my laptop to free up space. My trip still has Guangzhou and Hongkong before I head back to the missus and my boy Sunday evening so more picture-taking is expected.

So how do I find Shenzhen? Pretty good, actually. The city itself is streaming with well-laid wide roads and impressive buildings. The smog is iminent from morning 'til evening which just goes to show how China has undergone an industrial revolution to make it one of the most formidable business investments in the 21st century.

The sights we went to (and I recommend that you see) were The Cultural Village, The Window of the World, and the City Center were bargaining a la Petaling Street is the norm. Below are some pics I've taken including pics of the hotel we stayed in.

B3, our guide, called in to say that we check-out of the hotel at 10am before we proceed to Guangzhou, our next destination, where sight-seeing and shopping is the order of the day.

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