From Magic to Bird

Yes I will be 33 in a couple of hours. Life has been kind to me during my 32nd (the missus getting pregnant, me finding a job back home, and the birth of my boy, etc.) so I'm hoping for a similar (if not more) this year. Looking back 6 years ago I would never have imagined that I will be where I am right now. Miracles do happen, as they'd often say.

My 33rd hopefully starts on a high since there are email rumors of a terrorism attack tomorrow (damn you, RSG!). I hope and pray that it is all that it is: just a rumor.

My birthday wish? I couldn't ask for more right now, (except for -20lbs). Just to see my boy smiling, talking (well, trying to talk), and having "finger-foods with laway" for breakfast during my daily paarawin si baby morning-walk is enough for me.

But then again, a BMW would be nice.


breesmom said...

Happy Birthday Lucas' Dad!

mommy-p said...

Happy birthday tito Roelle!