Only in the Philippines

"At sa ating ginagawang Christmas countdown..." ---Inday Badiday

My office is just above a popular mall here in Ortigas. So during lunchtime I get to mall around, looking for the next place to have my lunch ---a task that the missus seems to envy. It's a good release from the office stress (if any) as I get to go around sport shops and salivate on the latest Nike products.

The department store here, as early as this week, had already put up their Christmas section in the hopes of selling Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and other decors that fit the Yuletide season. With "Let It Snow" playing on the background, it's an announcement that the celebration of Christmas, although 82 days away, has begun.

This is what I've been missing for the past 3 years since I've been abroad: the slow but sure build-up to the Christmas season as early as October. I'm glad that I'm already here in Manila to feel it once again. Bibingka, puto-bumbong, chilly mornings, Simbang Gabi (even though I've only completed it ONCE in my entire life), Noche Buena, gift-giving (well, I don't expect much this year since they'll all be giving to my boy in exchange for his cute smile), Medya Noche, mother rockets, bawang, fountain, and of course, with family and friends in tow.

Yup, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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