Galeng mo!

It's undoubtedly one of the Philippines' finest moments in world pool. Alcano "The Volcano" beat Ralf "The Kaiser" Soquet in a lopsided 17-11 final of the World Pool Championships here in Manila.

After a long wait, a Filipino (again) has won the prestigious title (Alex Pagulayan won the title a couple of years back but he was playing for Canada back then). Officially, Reyes was the last Filipino champ in 1999.

My heart goes out to Ralf, who broke down in the post-game interview amidst the cheers of the Filipino crowd chanting "Soquet! Soquet!" to boost his moral. I congratulate the unbiased crowd during the final, showing great respect and applause to Ralf whenever the German made a good shot or won a rack. Ralf last won the title in 1996, then became runnerup on 2002, and then runner up again this year. "I feel very frustrated right now," Ralf said.

I feel you Ralf. But sorry, you just have to try again next year. Alcano deserves it.

Yup, after being bottom in the last 64 he zoomed past 3 WPC champs: Reyes, Wu, and Soquet to claim the WPC title.

With a USD100,000 cash prize, not bad for 1 week's work of pool.

Galeng mo idol!!!

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