THE Left-Handed Mouse

This mouse has been with me since the conception of this blog, obviously naming the blog after it. I couldn't use the mouse right-handed anymore since I feel a nagging pain on the right side of my neck when I use it for a long period. The pain is as irritating as trying to prick an annoying pimple in your inner ear. I assume that the pain was brought about by my endless "study" of Starcraft and Counterstrike no thanks to my best friend who opened a computer-cafe sometime back (which eventually closed).

I remember having bought this mouse at SimLim Singapore during one of my weekends there while working in Malaysia. I bought it because it was so petite and the Microsoft brand on the body looked cool (in a nerdy sort of way).

After 3 years and several months, my beloved mouse finally had its last click. Its USB connection couldn't manage to connect to my laptop or to any other PC for that matter. I guess it was inevitable. My mouse is dead. It had served me (and this blog) well.

Moving forward, I've bought a new mouse but still as petite and cool-looking as its predecessor. It's like that scene from Transformers wherein Bumblebee, played by a classic Camero, upgraded itself to the 2007 version after Mikaela ranted on how dirty and old the car was.

And so, I blog on.

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