Terimah Kasih Malaysia

It was wonderful to have gone back to Malaysia on vacation last week. With the missus and my boy in tow, we went back to savor the life that the missus and I once had for over 3 years.

Having an infant had its privileges. At the NAIA, we were 1st to board the plane. When we arrived at the LCCT and queued at the Immigration, one of the officers noticed my boy sleeping soundly with his head on my shoulder (he slept the moment the plane lifted for take-off from NAIA). He approached us and directed us to queue at the Malaysian-Only counter. Sweet!

“Naamoy mo?” the missus asked.


“Yung amoy ng Malaysia?”

“Di eh.”

Similar to Singapore or to the US, Malaysia has a distinct smell. It seems that since I stayed there for 3.5 years, I’ve been so accustomed to the smell that even after a year I left Malaysia, I’m still used to the smell that I didn’t notice the difference at all. Side note: Singapore’s smell is very distinct particularly when you board taxis or their MRT.

It was about 1am when we went out of the airport and the missus and I were hungry. My boy still asleep in his stroller, we went to McDonalds for a post-midnight snack. I was able to test my Bahasa Malaysia when I talked to the cashier:

“Apa order?” (what is your order?)

“Ahhmmm satu meal tiga……satu meal enam…” (Ahhmmm one meal number 3….one meal number 6…”

(something in Bahasa that I didn't get)

“Ahhmmm…English? English?”

Naubusan eh. Hehe.

As mentioned earlier, it was great to visit Malaysia again. Suria Mall, Megamall, Subang Jaya, CarreFour Subang, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Palmville, Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang, The Curve, St. Ignatius Church, and Klang.

To drive around the open streets and highways of KL with a Proton Waja was a great experience as well. The Waja was the real car I wanted to drive when I worked there. But due to budget constraints we got a Perodua Kembara instead. So when we planned our trip to KL, it was going to be a Waja and nothing less.

Of course I have to list down the food we ate since this was more of a food-trip and not a sight-seeing tour: Manhattan Fish Market, Teppanyaki, Rojak+Cendol power combo, Chicken Buffet, Auntie’s nasi goreng babi and chili-chicken rice, Vivo pizza, Hometown Kopitiam Coffee and Roti Bakar, Bah-Kut-Teh, Genki Sushi, and the perfect Malaysian coffee found by the missus at Little Penang Kafe.

There was a period of senti when we passed by Sunway Palmville where we last stayed. The missus, then 6mos pregnant, could not even say goodbye to our apartment since she knew she’ll be missing it. Little did she know that we weren’t coming back to Malaysia as residents.

As our rental-car drove by, the missus counted the floors until she found our old apartment. Ahhh yes that unit had a lot of fond memories. It was where we really teamed up to do everything: from the laundry, to the groceries, to the cleaning, to the dish-washing, and to the cooking. Fond memories indeed.

Will I ever return to Malaysia as an OFW? There’s a high chance that I won’t. Working and living there was a great experience but as the missus and I repeatedly said, we’d still prefer to stay in the Philippines.

Yup I really appreciate being back here in Manila. Ordering a McDonalds value-meal has never been easier.

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