Fabulous Finds: Palatofino

One Saturday evening, the missus and I have just arrived in Jupiter St, Makati coming from dropping off our boy at Paranaque for his overnight stay with my folks. We were combing Jupiter Street for a prospective place to have dinner when I remembered this Mediterranean resto situated along the said road.

"Palatofino, Mediterranean Dining" the sign read. From my vantage point I couldn't see a car parked in their driveway so I told the missus to look for another place, assuming that no customers mean that the food there might not be good.

We went inside Mickey's Delicatessen but didn't like the food that we'll be eating (cold cuts, cheese, and wine) since that just wasn't our typical dinner. So we hopped into the car again and drove back to Palatofino's. With the missus' persuasion, we ventured in and prepared for what might be (or not) a delectable dining experience.

Palatofino's ambience is quaint and quiet, which is good if you'd like to have a quiet romantic dinner. The waiters were all speaking fluently in English, and they were well aware of the menu's contents.

The missus ordered Andalucian Pork(?) ---sorry I couldn't remember the exact name but that's the only dish with "Andalucian" on it. The missus' verdict? Masarap!

I ordered the Scallops with Rice (sorry, forgot the name again). The rice was neatly put into a cross-wise cut green bell pepper. This one tasted great as well.

For dessert we ordered creme brulee. Delicious!

The cost took me to P1,600+ which should be alright considering we ordered appetizers, soup, 2 main courses, and 1 dessert, and 2 cups of coffee. Not bad.

Btw, here's their multiply site.

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