Jam Time

It's been a long while since I've played my bass guitar. Months, I think.

But next week's a chance for me to get the old bass guitar out of the case. Another department in the office has invited some of us to play in their Christmas party. Here's the probable setlist:

1. Stone temple pilots - Plush
2. Stone temple pilots - Interstate love song
3. Dashboard - Stolen
4. 30 sec to mars - the kill
5. Gin blossoms - as long as it matters
6. melt with you
7. more to lose
8. Nirvana - Lithium
9. Nirvana - Man who sold the world
10. Two minds crack - upside down
11. Intro(never say goodbye) biglang lipat sa beer - itchyworms

I'll most probably play on song 1,2,5,8 & 9, giving my tribute to Kurt and his band. Then I'll probably leave the place before song 11. ;-)

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