New Look

I've been tinkering lately with my blog's layout, trying to give it a new look (somewhat).

I searched for Blogger templates in Google but I don't know how to upload 'em here since I think I need a website-editor like Dreamweaver to get a better view of things.

So for now, the layout you see is the best that I can do.

New Weight

This morning, our bathroom scale looked back at me disappointingly as it read me its verdict: 173lbs.

I hate to admit this, but ever since I achieved 166lbs last October(?) I've started getting heavy again. The steady increase started from my birthday (pakain dito, pakain dun). Then came the numerous Christmas parties last month. The basketball off-season didn't help as well since our department's team stopped playing our regular weekly games.

I still had my twice a week threadmill but it seems uncooperative. Surprisingly, it was helping the missus: she was the one losing weight from all MY threadmill workouts! It was like those identical twins that we see on TV wherein one would poke himself with a sharp object and he won't feel a thing but his twin would scream in pain. "Sige mag-threadmill ka pa para pumayat pa ako," she'd kid me regularly.

I know where I need to improve: careful food intake and increase exercise (need to tell the guys that we should start playing ball again). Easy to say but hard to do, right? Sigh, I hope my next update would be good news.

New Boss

I'm sad to see my current boss leaving our company. His last day is Jan.11 and he's about to fly off to work abroad (with his former boss as well ---see a trend here comin'? wink wink). He's been great but like many, he has chosen to travel a new path in his flourishing career. I guess the saying "there's no such thing as company loyalty" is so true. I believe this since the only thing that one should be loyal to is to one's family and oneself.

I don't know who my new boss will be come Feb but he definitely has big shoes to fill. Someone told me a while back that the number one reason why people leave their jobs is because of their boss. Compensation only came 2nd.

New Trip

The missus, my boy and I are planning to take a 3-week trip to the US next month thanks to the US visas my boy and I got last July. We'll be in the west-coast: LA, Sanfo, and Las Vegas to see the sights. I hope to catch a Laker game during our stay there to see Kobe in action. I'll post pics should we push through.

New Year

Oh btw, Happy New Year!

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