The Plan

7am. It was a typical Friday morning. I woke up and dragged myself to the treadmill to do the occasional 4km jog/walk. This was my 3rd physical activity for the week, following a previous treadmill activity on Monday and then basketball on Wednesday evening. The Griffin earphones that I bought 2 years ago at the HK airport proved helpful, plugging it on my N81 company phone and tuning it to 103.5 FM. It was at this station that I rediscovered one of the funny DJs that calmed the morning rush hour: DJ King Logan.

I first heard him on 89.9 about 9 years ago. The show was called Boys’ Night Out. I came across it accidentally when I tuned to TM after one of my evenings with the missus, who was then my girlfriend. Driving back from New Manila to Paranaque in the evening was ok, except for that mild stretch of road called Balete Drive, infamous for all those horror stories so tuning in to that funny evening show made my drive a lot less lonesome.

So anyway, as I started my Friday morning run, DJ Logan openly admitted on radio that he’ll be booking a liposuction procedure with one of those famous health clinics. He decided on going thru the knife to get rid of his excess fat since he has surrendered to all means possible to try to lose it. He ran 10km a day but he says his 195lb, 5’9” frame hasn’t slimmed down. He stressed that the liposuction he’ll be having will serve as a jump start so that he’ll be inspired to work out and keep his body fit. Furthermore, by the time the results of his lipo are noticed, it will be just in time for him to display his new improved figure in Boracay during the summer.

He asked the listeners to call/sms him on what they think about it. Some were for it while others were against it. Some said it was not “macho” for a man to go for a lipo. Logan insisted that since he has the resources (a.k.a. money) to spend, he should use it to spend for a lipo that he thinks will make him happier in his current middle-age crisis.

Logan’s lipo adventure made me think more seriously about my current battle with my weight. My recent annual physical exam proved, yet again, that I’m overweight (22lbs to be exact) from attaining a normal BMI. I’ve been stuck at the 170-172lb range for what seemed to be ages now so I think I better plan this out for real. Nope, I will not resort to lipo or any of those slimming pills. If you look carefully at those products that tell you it will make you lose weight, the fine print will show that all these equipment/pills will only be effective IF AND ONLY IF it is accompanied by REGULAR EXERCISE and a PROPER DIET.

Starting today, I hope to implement my health plan below:

1. Monday to Friday: no rice, no merienda. Drink lots and lots of water. Pantawid gutom: papak oatmeal.
2. Saturday to Sunday: eat anything.
3. Treadmill: 3 times a week. 4-5kms per session.
4. Basketball: every Wednesday evening with my office buddies. If none, replace with treadmill.
5. No colas.

I hope to follow the above program to the letter. I now weigh about 172lbs. My target weight loss is 22lbs. Therefore, my target weight should be 150lbs when this is all over.

It’s tough. But, personally, it’s better than lipo.

Let’s DO this!


Romeo said...

pre... kelan tayo iinom at kakain sa mga buffet? =P

Lieza said...

Yeah right. The plan my ass. Hahahaha!!!

daytripper said...

Salamat sa "words of encouragement."

Hehe, pag ako pumayat!!! :P

elyss said...

Ito, makakatulong. This is a good place to help you, lalo na't galing ito kay mama Oprah:


Read about the guy who lost 140 lbs! (it's in the success stories)